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Creating a Self-Directed Learning Environment

Creating a Self-Directed Learning Environment
Standards-Based and Social-Emotional Learning

December 2019 | 184 pages | Corwin
Educate the whole child—improve the whole school.

Implementing evidence-based and innovative teaching practices can feel like juggling: If you have standards-based learning in one hand and social-emotional learning in the other, what do you do with cognitive development? This book shows you how to balance all 3, combining these concepts into manageable, realistic plans for success.

In clear, easy-to-follow language, master teacher and educational expert Greg Mullen introduces a flexible, three-tiered, visual framework designed for schoolwide collaboration. He also offers:

• An integrated philosophy focused on self-directed learning and the whole child
• Research sourced from CASEL and state programs and initiatives
• Attention to academic inclusion, behavior intervention, and classroom management
• Numerous illustrations, tables, and graphics
• Tools and supplemental resources for implementation

Make innovation work for your school. With this guide, you and your colleagues will build on your strengths, discover the potential of your existing programs, and implement smart changes that make a real difference for students.

About the Author
Exploring the Core

When Everything Was Perfect

Perfect Circles Have No Beginning

Chapter 1: Standards-Based Grading
Teacher Mastery of Standards

Standards and Grading

Defining Proficiency

Adapting Assessments

Reporting Proficiency

Curricula and Resources

Chapter 2: Social-Emotional Learning
Self-Awareness and Management

Social-Awareness and Relationships

Societal Responsibility

Chapter 3: Cognitive and Psychosocial Human Development
Cognitive Human Development

Psychosocial Human Development

Developmental Mindset

Special Education

Chapter 4: Self-Directed Learning
Identifying Growth Versus Proficiency

Make a Plan (SMART Goals)




Chapter 5 (Part 1): Behavioral Coaching
Changing Role of the Classroom Teacher

General Behavior Expectations

Behavioral Coaching [In-Class Approach]

Chapter 5 (Part 2): Behavioral Inclusion and Intervention
Behavioral Inclusion

Behavioral Intervention [School-Wide Approach]

Chapter 6: Academic Inclusion and Intervention
Academic Inclusion

Differentiation for an Inclusive Model

Standards-Based Differentiation

Tiers of Academic Inclusion

Tiers of Developmental Inclusion

Academic Intervention

Adopt and Adapt

Quotes to Consider

Sources of Motivation (Resources and Citations)

"Creating a Self-Directed Learning Environment is filled with strategies on how to begin shifting toward a standards-based approach. These strategies will be extremely useful to all teachers, both those that are beginning their careers and those who are experienced and looking to implement standards-based and social-emotional learning."

Meghan Schofield, Third Grade Teacher
Wiscasset Elementary School, ME

"Greg Mullen infuses this book with a refreshing passion for teaching. Not only does this book clearly define Common Core Standards, but it also individualizes core standards for every learner, including meeting the all important social and emotional factors required so students can learn.


Charla Buford Bunker, FOCUS Instructor
Great Falls High School. MT

"Creating a Self-Directed Learning Environment is a skillfully balanced presentation for how to thoughtfully design and implement content standards, progress monitoring, and social emotional learning in the modern classroom.”

Ashley LaCroix, Technology Integrator
Wiscasset Elementary School, ME

"This book promotes self-reflection for the teacher as well as for the students, and it describes vertical planning to identify critical elements of key standards throughout the grade levels, all while being written in user-friendly tone that makes it accessible to all readers."

Lisa Graham, Director, Early Childhood Education
Douglas County School District, CO

"Greg Mullen provides useful guidance and valuable information for all teachers in this timely book on an important topic!"

Deb Bible, Educational Consultant
DeKalb Regional Office of Education, IL

"In his book, Greg Mullen explores the intricate connections between academic, social-emotional, and human development and how these ideas should be considered when teaching the whole child."

Christine Clement, Instructional Coach
Mandeville Middle School, LA

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