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Crime and Criminal Justice - Interactive eBook

Crime and Criminal Justice - Interactive eBook
Concepts and Controversies

Second Edition

January 2019 | SAGE Publications, Inc

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Part I: Foundations of Criminal Justice
Chapter 1: Crime and Criminal Justice
Stages of the Criminal Justice System  
Discretion and Ethics in the Criminal Justice System  
The Wedding Cake Model of Justice  
Models of Criminal Justice  
The Influence of the Media on the Criminal Justice System  
Chapter 2: Concepts of Law and Justice
Types of Law  
Sources of Law  
Case Law  
Criminal Law  
Criminal Defenses  
Chapter 3: Defining and Measuring Crime
Defining Crime  
Uniform Crime Reports  
National Incident-Based Reporting System  
National Crime Victimization Survey  
Self-Reported Offending Datasets  
Chapter 4: Explanations of Criminal Behavior
What Is a Theory of Crime?  
Classical Theories of Crime  
Biological and Psychological Theories of Crime  
Sociological Theories of Crime  
Contemporary Theories of Crime  
Chapter 5: Victims and the Criminal Justice System
Victims and Crime  
Theories of Victimization  
History of Victims’ Rights  
Victims in the Criminal Justice System  
Chapter 6: Criminal Justice Policy
What Is Policy?  
Why Do We Need Criminal Justice Policies?  
How Do Criminal Justice Policies Develop?  
Politics and Criminal Justice Policy  
Research and Criminal Justice Policies  
Part II: Policing
Chapter 7: Policing Organizations and Practices
A Brief History of Policing  
Types of Police Organizations  
Women in Policing  
Racial and Ethnic Diversity in Policing  
What Do the Police Do?  
Strategies and Tactics of Policing  
Chapter 8: Issues in Policing
Policing and the Law  
Ethical Dilemmas and Corruption  
Racial Profiling  
Use of Force  
Police Legitimacy  
Police Occupational Stress  
Part III: Courts
Chapter 9: Courts and Crime
Criminal Versus Civil Courts  
Jurisdiction and the Courts System  
Structure of the Courts  
Courtroom Participants and Their Duties  
Stages of a Criminal Court Case  
Chapter 10: Punishment and Sentencing
Correctional Philosophies  
Determinate Sentencing  
Indeterminate Sentencing  
Mandatory Sentences  
Capital Punishment  
Part IV: Corrections
Chapter 11: Prisons and Jails
History of Jails and Prisons  
Types of Prisons  
Prison Security Levels  
Issues in Incarceration  
Legal Rights of Prisoners  
Chapter 12: Community Corrections
Intermediate Sanctions  
Issues in Reentry  
Part V: Special Topics in Criminal Justice
Chapter 13: Juvenile Justice
History of the Juvenile Justice System  
Structure of the Juvenile Court  
Juvenile Waiver  
Demographics of Juvenile Offenders  
Chapter 14: Transnational Criminal Justice
Transnational Crime  
Homeland Security  
Border Control  

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