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Criminal (In)Justice

Criminal (In)Justice
A Critical Introduction

Second Edition
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March 2022 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Criminal (In)Justice: A Critical Introduction examines the American criminal justice and the social forces that shape it.  Using a conversational voice, the book engages readers and challenges them to consider the inequalities in the criminal justice system as well as in the broader society it is designed to protect, then ask, "What can I do to make this better?". 

Author Aaron Fichtelberg uses a unique, critical perspective to encourage students to look closer at the intersection of race, class, gender, and inequality in the criminal justice system. Covering each of the foundational areas of the criminal justice system—policing, courts, and corrections—this book takes an in-depth look at the influence of social inequality, making it ideal for instructors who want students to critically assess and understand the American criminal justice system in a very open and approachable way. 

This 2nd edition comes at a time when there is a profound awareness that the criminal justice system reflects deep and systematic inequalities in American society and has been updated to include some of these monumental changes.

Section I: Crime
Chapter 1: Defining, Classifying, and Measuring Crime
Chapter 2: Criminal Law
Chapter 3: Criminology
Chapter 4: Crime and Inequality
Section II: Policing
Chapter 5: The Nature and History of Policing
Chapter 6: Modern Policing
Chapter 7: Police Deviance
Section III: Courts and Trials
Chapter 8: Courts
Chapter 9: Criminal Trials
Section IV: Corrections and Special Topics
Chapter 10: The Theory and History of Punishment
Chapter 11: Prison Life
Chapter 12: Alternatives to Prison
Chapter 13: The Death Penalty
Chapter 14: Juvenile Justice
Key features




  • A conversational writing style speaks directly to students to make the material more approachable.
  • Reality Check boxes address common myths and misconceptions about the criminal justice system. 
  • Criminal (In)Justice boxes highlight examples of inequality in criminal justice and potential remedies for the issues facing the system. 
  • What Would You Do? boxes engage students with critical thinking scenarios aimed at applying chapter material to real-life situations. 
  • Where Do I Fit In? boxes feature practical advice to give students more insight into how to interact with the criminal justice system, from career opportunities to tips on what to do when pulled over by a police officer. 
  • Some Statistics boxes reinforce learning about the issues facing the criminal justice system from an evidence-based perspective with up-to-date data and statistics. 
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