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Critical Management Studies

Critical Management Studies

Four Volume Set
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May 2011 | 1 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

It could be said, as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, that critical management studies is in disarray. Examining the often overlooked negative aspects of organization and management, the interpretive nature of the critical approach means that the very claim of being 'critical' is constantly questioned and challenged. From Marxist labor process theory, to radical structuralism and postmodernism, the sheer volume and growing diversity of work placed under the umbrella of critical management studies has increased exponentially in the last 50 years, culminating in its own international conference and division in the Academy of Management, and with it recognition as a significant and hotly contested territory on the landscape of business and management.

Mats Alvesson and Hugh Willmott are two of the founding fathers of modern critical management studies, and with this collection guide the reader through the theoretical schools that have been seminal to the critical examination of the culture, subjectivity and meanings of management studies. As well as offering the last word on critical management studies of the last century, this collection also offers a selection of more recently published work that is set to set the agenda in the years to come.

Volume 1: Origins, Developments and Debates, incorporating classic works and broad reviews of the field.

Volume 2: Perspectives: The Diversity of Critical Analyses, providing examples of the wide variety of critical approaches in management studies.

Volume 3: The Specialisms of Management, presenting key critical contributions to specific areas of management, such as accounting, human resource management and strategy.

Volume 4. Established and Emergent Themes, covering the topical present and future of critical management studies, from knowledge management to gender and diversity.

Origins and Early Developments

The Servants of Power

L. Baritz
Organizations: A Dialectical View

J.K. Benson

S. Clegg and D. Dunkerley
One-Dimensional Management Science: The Making of a Technocratic Consciousness

T. Tinker and T. Lowe
Towards a Critical Management Science

S. Wood and J. Kelly
On the Idea of Emancipation in Management and Organization Studies

M. Alvesson and H. Willmott
Critical Theory and Postmodern Approaches to Organizational Studies

M. Alvesson and S. Deetz
At the Critical Moment: Conditions and Prospects for Critical Management Studies

V. Fournier and C. Grey, C
Organizational Structure
Developing a Field with More Soul: Standpoint Theory and Public Policy Research for Management Scholars

P. Adler and J. Jermier
Organizations: From Substance to Image?

M. Alvesson
Organized Dissonance: Feminist Bureaucracy as Hybrid Form

K.L. Ashcraft
Glass Cages and Glass Palaces: Images of Organizations in Image-Conscious Times

Y. Gabriel
Demystifying Organizations

C. Perrow
Communication and Unobtrusive Control in Contemporary Organizations

P.K. Tomkins and G. Cheney
Organizational Culture
Negations and Ambiguities in the Cultures of Organizations

A. Batteau
Ideology: Tech Culture Codified and Conclusion

G. Kunda
Breakfast at Spiro's: Dramaturgy and dominance

M. Rosen
The Smile Factory: Work at Disneyland

J. Van Maanen
Strength Is Ignorance; Slavery Is Freedom: Managing Culture in Modern Organizations

H. Willmott
Organizational Behaviour
Identity Regulation as Organizational Control: Producing the Appropriate Individual

M. Alvesson and H. Willmott
Discursive Formations, Strategized Subordination, and Self-Surveillance

S. Deetz
Working at a Cynical Distance: Implications for Power, Subjectivity and Resistance

P. Fleming and A. Spicer
On Fieldwork in a Habermasian way: Critical Ethnography and the Extra-Ordinary Character of Ordinary Professional Work

J. Forester
Ideological Fantasy at Work

J. Glynos
Career as a Project of the Self and Labour Process Discipline

C. Grey
Looking up and Looking around

R. Jackall
Power and Subjectivity at Work: From Degradation to Subjugation in Social Relations

D. Knights and H. Willmott
Theorizing Subjectivity in Organizations: The Failure of Foucauldian Studies?

T. Newton
Beyond the Surrogate of Motivation

B. Sievers
Gender and Ethnicity
The Racial Foundation of Organizational Communication

K.L. Ashcraft and B.J. Allen
"Engineering Humour": Masculinity, Joking and Conflict in Shop-Floor Relations

D. Collinson
Hidden Gendered Assumptions in Mainstream Organization Theory and Research

J. Martin
The Emperor Has No Clothes: Rewriting "Race in Organizations"

S. Nkomo
Serving Hamburgers and Selling Insurance: Gender, Work and Identity in Interactive Service Jobs

R. Leidner
Organizational Democracy and Industrial Relations
Corporations, Democracy and the Public Good

S. Barley
Whence Democracy? A Review and Critique of the Conceptual Dimensions and Implications of the Business Case for Organizational Democracy

P. Johnson
All Quiet on the Workplace Front: A Critique of Recent Trends in British Industrial Sociology

P. Thompson and S. Ackroyd
Reflections on the High Performance Paradigm's Implications for Industrial Relations as a Field

J. Godard and J. Delaney
Information Systems
Information Systems and Critical Theory

K. Lyytinen
Michel Foucault in the Study of ICTs; Critique and Reappraisal

L. Willcocks
Operational Research
Technical, Practical and Critical OR - Past, Present and Future?

J. Mingers
Beyond Methodology Choice: Critical Systems Thinking as Critically Systemic Discourse

W. Ulrich
'Against 'Enterprise' (But Not against 'Enterprise', for That Would Make No Sense)

P. Du Gay
The Sublime Object of Entrepreneurship

C. Jones and A. Spicer
Accounting and Finance
Manufacturing Shareholder Value: The Role of Accounting in Organizational Transformation

M. Ezzamel, H. Willmott and F. Worthington
Accounting and the Construction of the Governable Person.

P. Miller and T. O'Leary
Auditing and the Production of Legitimacy

M. Power
Rethinking Critical Marketing

A. Bradshaw and A. Furat Fiat
The Cult(ure) of the Consumer

P. du Gay and G. Salaman
The Point of Selling: Capitalism, Consumption and Contradictions

M. Korczynski
Marketing and Critique: Prospects and Problems

G. Morgan
The Distorted Mirror: Reflections on the Unintended Consequences of Advertising

R. Pollay
Environmental Management
Greening Organizations: Critical Issues

J.M. Jermier and L.C. Forbes
Environmental Management as Political Sustainability

D. Levy
Limits to Anthropocentrism: Towards an Ecocentric Organization Paradigm?

R.E. Purser, C. Park and A. Montouri
Strategic Management
Corporate Strategy, Organizations and Subjectivity: A Critique

D. Knights and G. Morgan
Critical Approaches to Strategic Management

D. Levy, M. Alvesson and H. Willmott
Human Resource Management
Representing People at Work

K. Legge
Foucault, Power/Knowledge and Its Relevance for Human Resource Management

B. Townley
Critical Management Education
Grasping the Nettle: Possibilities and Pitfalls of a Critical Management Pedagogy

M. Reynolds
Management Education : Provocations to a Debate

H. Willmott
Spinning Disciplines: Critical Management Studies in the Context of the Transformation of Management Education

M. Zald
Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Social Responsibility: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

S.B. Banerjee
As if Business Ethics were Possible, `within Such Limits...

C. Jones
Corporate Governance and the Ethics of Narcissus

J. Roberts
The Future of Critical Management Studies

M. Alvesson
Reflecting on Reflexivity: Reflexive Textual Practices in Organisation and Management Theory

M. Alvesson, C. Hardy and B. Harley
Still Servants of Power

A.P. Brief
Economics Language and Assumptions: How Theories Can Become Self-Fulfilling

F. Ferraro, J. Pfeffer and R. Sutton
Critical Management Studies: Towards a More Mature Politics

C. Grey
On Striving to Give a Critical Edge to Critical Management Studies

A. Hopwood
Organization Theory in the Age of Deconstruction: Dualism, Gender and Postmodernism Revisited

D. Knights
Critical Performativity: The Unfinished Business of Critical Management Studies

A. Spicer, M. Alvesson and D. Kärreman
Brands, Boundaries and Bandwagons: A Critical Reflection on Critical Management Studies

P. Thompson
Theorizing Contemporary Control: Some Poststructuralist Responses to Some Critical Realist Questions

H. Willmott