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Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies
The Basics

Second Edition
  • Jeff Lewis - RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

April 2008 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This fully revised edition of the best selling introduction to cultural studies offers students an authoritative, comprehensive guide to Cultural Studies. Clearly written and accessibly organized the book provides a major resource for lecturers and students. Each chapter has been extensively revised and new material covers globalization, the post 9/11 world and the new language wars. The emphasis upon demonstrating the philosophical and sociological roots of Cultural Studies has been retained along with boxed entries on key concepts and issues. Particular attention is paid to demonstrating how Cultural Studies clarifies issues in Media and Communication Studies. There are chapters on the global mediasphere and new media cultures.

This is a tried and tested book which has been widely used wherever Cultural Studies is taught. The new edition has exploited and developed the strengths of the first edition and added to them with relevant up-dates and new material. It is an indispensable undergraduate text and one that will appeal to postgraduates and lecturers seeking a 'refresher' which they can dip into.

Contemporary Culture, Cultural Studies and the Global Mediasphere
Social Theory and the Foundations of Cultural Studies
Marxism and the Formation of Cultural Ideology
From British Cultural Studies to International Cultural Studies
Language and Culture
From Structuralism to Poststructuralism

From Femininity to Fragmentation

Postmodernism and Beyond
Popular Consumption and Youth Culture
The Body
Globalization and Global Spaces
Local Transformations

New Media Cultures
Global Terror and the New Language Wars

Title recommended for broader overview and context of topics discussed in detail in class.

Mr Eric Erbacher
American Studies , University of Paderborn
January 12, 2011

New to the Second Edition:

Each chapter has been extensively revised

New material covers globalization (chapter 10), the post 9/11 world and the new language wars (chapter 12)

A more 'introductory' writing style than the First Edition.

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