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Cybercrime and Society

Cybercrime and Society

Fourth Edition

December 2023 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Extensively updated and expanded to reflect the evolving landscape of online crime, this fourth edition of Cybercrime and Society is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to this complex and fascinating topic. 

But just what are cybercrimes? And who are the cybercriminals? You will learn how the internet and communication technologies present new challenges to individual and collective safety, social order and stability, economic prosperity and political liberty. From hacktivism and digital disobedience to online harassment and sexual exploitation, Cybercrime and Society is the definitive book for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying modules in cybercrime and cybersecurity. 

The fourth edition covers new and contemporary issues such as AI and preventative approaches to counter cybercrimes and also includes two new chapters:

Online Falsehoods provides coverage of fake news, disinformation, and conspiracies, each of which have rapidly become a major online problem with significant consequences
Illegal Goods and Illicit Markets combines discussion of issues such as the trade in prohibited goods online and via crypto-markets with discussion of piracy and copyright crime

In addition to the extensive updating and expansion of the topics covered in the 2019 edition, all kinds of new developments are introduced and assessed. New case studies and examples are presented, and the international scope and coverage of the book has been further expanded, with treatment of the Canadian and Australian contexts being given greater consideration.

Majid Yar is Professor Emeritus of Criminology at Lancaster University. 
Kevin F. Steinmetz is a Professor of Criminology at Kansas State University. 

Chapter 1: Cybercrime and the Internet: An Introduction
Chapter 2: Theorizing Cybercrime
Chapter 3: Researching Cybercrime
Chapter 4: Hackers
Chapter 5: Hacking
Chapter 6: Hacktivism: Digital Resistance and Disobedience
Chapter 7: Cyberterrorism
Chapter 8: Illegal Goods and Illicit Markets
Chapter 9: Online Fraud
Chapter 10: Pornography and Obscenity
Chapter 11: Online Falsehoods: Fake News, Information Warfare and Deepfakes
Chapter 12: Online Hate
Chapter 13: Child Sexual Exploitation: Images and Abuse
Chapter 14: Online Harassment, Bullying and Stalking
Chapter 15: The Public Policing of Cybercrime
Chapter 16: The Private Policing and Prevention of Cybercrimes
Chapter 17: Cybercrimes and Cyberliberties: Surveillance, Privacy and Crime Control
Chapter 18: The Futures of Cybercrime

I have used Drs. Steinmetz and Yar's textbook for a variety of cybercrime courses. They consistently provide the most current information, which is very difficult to do given the rapid pace of technology advancements. Moreover, they explore how cybercrime topics are framed using longstanding theories as well as those less discussed in the field. It is simply a wonderful text that is easily accessible to a wide spectrum of students.

Jordana Navarro

This was a well informed resource for student police officers, in a growing and challenging area that is exploited by criminals. This will assist the development of students understanding.

Mr Ian Jarman
Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University
December 20, 2023

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