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Dangerous Fieldwork

Dangerous Fieldwork

Volume: 34

October 1994 | 96 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"In my view, the monograph will be well worth the modest outlay involved for three kinds of user. First, for fieldworkers who choose to spurn safe topics, it makes good preliminary reading, alerting them to issues that they should address before entering the field, and pointing them to additional follow-up material. Secondly, for teachers of courses in research methodology it provides a useful supplementary text on a neglected field. Finally, for administrators of academic and research institutions it would be a valuable tool in any attempt to formulate or revise policies on health and safety issues related to fieldwork." --Peter D'Abbs in Drug and Alcohol Review Fieldwork can be dangerous. How can researchers gain access but mediate personal safety in the midst of violent social conflict? Under what conditions does danger occur and what can a researcher do to evade it or manage it? In Dangerous Fieldwork, Lee examines the kinds of dangers researchers face and provides strategies for reducing risk in perilous situations. He presents experiences of researchers who have worked among various groups such as outlaw bikers, youth gangs, and those infected with HIV. He also discusses the hazards of working with informants in inherently dangerous occupations. The underdocumented, but increasingly important, subject of sexual harassment and assault is addressed as well. In this volume the author avoids adopting an alarmist stance toward potentially dangerous fieldwork. Instead, he emphasizes the importance of carefully appraising research settings for possible dangers. Dangerous Fieldwork is invaluable reading for all researchers, especially those interested in qualitative methods in the fields of anthropology, sociology, criminology, nursing and health care, drugs and alcohol, and law.

Research on Violent Social Conflict
Drug-Related Violence
Gangs and Outlaws
Occupational Hazards
Sexual Harassment and Assault
Involuntary Research
Reducing Risk

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ISBN: 9780803956612

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