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Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation
A Handbook for Data Driven Design

Third Edition
  • Andy Kirk - Freelance data visualisation specialist and trainer
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December 2024 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This handbook offers everything students and scholars need to master the craft of developing insightful and delightful data visualisations. Across over 300 pages packed full of useful knowledge this book is an essential reference to help readers harness the wide range of contextual, analytical, editorial, and visual ingredients that shape this complex but invigorating subject.

With an emphasis on critical thinking over technical instruction, the importance of good decision-making is placed at the centre of a proven step-by-step process. Blending conceptual, theoretical, and practical thinking, this updated edition will inspire you to elevate your ambition and inform you how to get there.

With this book and an extensive companion collection of digital resources, readers will:

· See more than 200 examples showcasing visualisation works from a diverse list of talented creators covering a spectrum of topics and techniques

· Develop a detailed understanding of 40 different chart types

· Discover the many little details that make a big difference, with four chapters dedicated to the presentation design of interactive features, annotated assistance, colouring and composition

· Learn practical tips about how to most robustly gather, examine, transform, then explore your data

· Follow online exercises to apply knowledge, build skills and develop confidence

· Get access to hundreds of curated reading references to help hone the craft.

Chapter 1: What is Data Visualisation?
Chapter 2: The Process & Principles of Visualising Data
Chapter 3: Formulating the Brief
Chapter 4: Working with Data
Chapter 5: Editorial Thinking
Chapter 6: Data Representation
Chapter 7: Interaction and Dynamic Design
Chapter 8: Annotation
Chapter 9: Colour
Chapter 10: Composition
Key features
  • A flexible step-by-step journey that equips you to achieve great data visualization
  • A curated collection of classic and contemporary examples, giving illustrations of good and bad practice
  • Examples on every page to give creative inspiration
  • Illustrations of good and bad practice show you how to critically evaluate and improve your own work
  • Advice and experience from the best designers in the field
  • Loads of online practical help, checklists, case studies and exercises make this the most comprehensive text available

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