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Family Life Now

Family Life Now

Third Edition
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January 2021 | 696 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Family Life Now is a candid, thoughtful examination of marriages, families, and intimate relationships that follows the Family Life Education framework. Written in a student-friendly, conversational style, the text encourages readers to draw upon their own backgrounds and experiences to understand theories and concepts vital to the family sciences. Author Kelly J. Welch incorporates scholarship from the social and behavioral sciences to cover topics that are important to students today, such as LGBTQ+ individuals and relationships, cohabitating, and financial compatibility with a partner.

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Chapter 1: Family Life Now
What Is Marriage?

What Is Family?

Contemporary Families

Families in Cultural Contexts

Family Life Education: The Study of Families Through A Family Lens

Family Life Education: Strengthening Families


Key terms

Chapter 2: Understanding Families Through Research and Theory
Understanding Families Through Research

Becoming a Consumer of the Literature

Understanding Families Through Theory

Family Interactions and You

Family Life Education: Creating, Implementing, and Evaluating Effective Family Programming


Key terms

Chapter 3: Family Communication, Conflict, and Forgiveness
The Communication Process

Communication Between Men and Women

Types of Communication

Cornerstones of Communication

Conflict in Relationships

The Role of Forgiveness in Family and Intimate Relationships

Family Life Education: Forging Family Strengths


Key terms

Chapter 4: Gender in Today’s Society
It Matters: The Biology of Gender

It Matters: The Culture of Gender

Gender Polarization: Complementary Opposites—Or Inequality?

The Theories of Gender Development

It Matters: The Agents of Socialization

It Matters: Gender and Contemporary Issues

Family Life Education: Practicing With Sensitivity and Respecting Diversity


Key terms

Chapter 5: Intimacy: Developing and Experiencing Affectionate Bonds
Intimacy: Do We Have a Need to Relate to Others?

What Do Intimate Relationships Look Like?

The Psychosocial Development of Children

Adolescents’ and Young Adults’ Psychosocial Development

Obstacles to Intimacy

Family Life Education: Valuing Diverse Couple Experiences


Key terms

Chapter 6: Love and Loving
Love Is a Cultural and Historical Experience

What Is Love, Actually?

Companionate Love: Experiencing Love as a Commitment

Developing Love

Theories of Love and Loving

Family Life Education: Relating to Others With Respect, Sincerity, and Responsibility


Key terms

Chapter 7: The Path to Commitment: Attraction, Dating, Partnering, and Cohabitation
“Frisky Business”: Interpersonal Attraction Theories

The Path to Commitment

Relationship Development

Nonmarital Cohabitation: Living Together

Family Life Education: Using Reinforcing Strategies to Aid Couple Formation and Maintenance


Key terms

Chapter 8: Singlehood, Coupling, and Marriage
Being Single

The Act of Marriage

The Transition to Marriage: Why It’s So Tough

Satisfying Marriages

Family Life Education: Identifying Social and Cultural Influences Affecting the Marital Experience


Key terms

Chapter 9: You, Sex, and Sexuality
Learning Sexuality: Cultural Contributions

Our Sexual Selves

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Relationships and Sex

Cheating: Sex Outside the Relationship

Experiencing Sexual Difficulties

Family Life Education: Advancing Healthy Sexual Well-Being From a Value-Respectful Position


Key terms

Chapter 10: Becoming Parents: Choices and Challenges
Childbearing Trends: Who’s Having Babies?

Having Children: Now, Later, or Never?

Being Pregnant and Giving Birth

Unexpected Outcomes

Adoption: By Circumstance or Choice

Contraception and Abortion

Family Life Education: Fostering Healthy Family Formation


Key terms

Chapter 11: Parenting Life Now
Change Over Time: Parenting Is a Process

From Partners to Parents: Making the Transition

Today’s Parents

Parenting 101: Best Practices for Parenting

Family Life Education: Guiding and Influencing a Child’s Development


Key terms

Chapter 12: Family Life and Work: A Balancing Act
Working Families: The Transformation of American Homes

A Portrait of Contemporary Dual-Earner Couples

Couples and Work: Just Trying to Make Ends Meet

The Balancing Act: Juggling Family Life and Work

Policies for Working Families

Marriage and Money

Family Life Education: Understanding and Assisting Families’ Decisions


Key terms

Chapter 13: Uncoupling: Relationship Deterioration and Divorce

Emotionally Ending the Marriage/Couple

Legally Ending the Marriage: The Formal Divorce

Avoiding Divorce: Getting a Marriage Back on Track

Family Life Education: Educating and Assisting Families Through Transition and Change


Key terms

Chapter 14: Rebuilding: Family Life Following Couple Dissolution and Divorce
The Aftermath of Divorce: Transitions

How Divorce Affects Children and Adolescents

Challenges for Single Parents

Transitions to Repartnering

Family Life Education: Protecting Children’s and Adults’ Well-Being


Key terms

Chapter 15: Family Change: Stress, Crisis, and Transition
Family Change

Family Crisis

Family Coping and Resilience

The Crisis of Family Violence

Family Life Education: Providing Knowledge and Skills


Key terms

Chapter 16: Family Life and Aging
Aging and the Aged

Marriage Experiences Through Aging

Intergenerational Ties

Family Changes Toward the End of Life

Dying and Death Experiences

Family Life Education: Removing Barriers and Assisting in Transitions


Key terms



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Updates regarding diversity.
Readability for students

Dr Sarah Kuborn
Human Environ Studies, Southeast Missouri State Univ
March 1, 2021
Key features
  • The new edition is available as a digital option through SAGE Vantage, an intuitive digital platform that offers auto-graded assignments and interactive multimedia tools—including video—all designed to enable students to better prepare for class. Learn more.
  • New content on the COVID-19 pandemic includes discussions of resulting stressors, unemployment, and the severe economic downturn in the United States.
  • Expanded and updated diversity coverage includes discussions of intersectionality throughout and new content about mixed-orientation relationships and marriages.
  • Revised and enhanced coverage of racial and ethnic experiences include new discussions regarding undocumented individuals and their families.
  • New content on social networking includes its impact on mate selection, dating experiences, jealousy, and breaking up.
  • Extensive coverage of sexual orientation and sexual identity includes discussions of LGBTQ+ families of choice, lesbian co-mothering, transgenderism, androgyny, LGBTQ+ dating scripts, and gender-based violence.
  • A conversational, first-person writing style draws students in and keeps them engaged.
  • Chapter openers help frame forthcoming content with stories from the authors’ own experiences and real-life stories shared by college students.
  • Learning objectives introduce each chapter and can be used as learning targets.
  • Family Life Now features introduce contemporary issues and include discussions of each side of the matter with supporting research. Students are then encouraged to form their own informed opinions.
  • Taking Sides features describe two sides of relationship dilemmas that are commonly experienced by families and couples.
  • Summaries tied back to learning objectives recap chapter content and reinforce key points.
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