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SAGE recommendations for Florida International University - Social Work

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SAGE Content Mapped to Courses

SOW 3203 - Introduction to Social Work 

SOW 3113 - The Social Environment and Human Behavior I 

SOW 3232 - Social Welfare Policy and Services I 

SOW 3403 - Social Work Research 

SOW 3313 - Social Work Practice with Families and Individuals 

SOW 5641 - Understanding the Process of Aging 

SOW 5621 - Social Work with Refugees, Immigrants, and Migrants 

SOW 4322 - Social Work Practice with Groups 

SOW 5404 - Social Work Research Methodology 

SOW 4522 - Field Seminar I 

SOW 5324 - Theory and Practice With Groups 

SOW 5710 - Current Issues in Addiction Practices 

SOW 3620 - Social Work and Human Diversity 

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