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Health and Well-being in Early Childhood

Health and Well-being in Early Childhood

December 2015 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The health and well-being of children is integral to learning and development but what does it actually mean in practice?

This textbook draws on contemporary research on the brain and mind to provide an up-to-date overview of the central aspects of young children’s health and well-being – a key component of the revised EYFS curriculum. 

Critically engaging with a range of current debates, coverage includes

  • early influences, such as relationships, attachment (attachment theory) and nutrition
  • the role of the brain in health and well-being
  • the enabling environment
  • other issues affecting child development

To support students with further reading, reflective and critical thinking it employs:

  • case studies
  • pointers for practice
  • mindful moments
  • discussion questions
  • references to extra readings
  • web links

This current, critical and comprehensive course text will provide a solid foundation for students and practitioners on a wide range of early childhood courses, and empower them to support and nurture young children’s health and well-being.



Brain development
Brain processes in health and well-being
The stress response system
Nutrition in health and well-being
Attachments and early relationships
Emotional development and regulation
Active Learning
Emotion Coaching
Resilience and Building Learning Power
Economic and social factors affecting health and well-being
Early intervention in health and well-being
Conclusion: sustainable health and well-being

This book approaches the subject of health and well-being in a multi dimensional manner. It addresses the subject from biopsychological, psychoneurobiological and ecological systems models to bring together wide-ranging evidence on what matters to young children's physical, social and mental well-being. It is a comprehensive book that will be of use to early years professionals concerned with how to understand, promote and support families and young children in developing resilience, self-esteem, physical health, emotional stability and relational strength. From brain structure and its processes to nutrition, attachment, emotion coaching, systemic factors - economic and social - affecting well-being, this book covers many fundamental and interrelated themes. Several features including Mindful Moments ensure that the reader takes time to reflect on the content and its implications as well as providing summaries, further reading and resources. Added to all of this, it is an enjoyable read.

Dr Jane Payler
Faculty Head of Research, University of Winchester

‘In an age where the policy emphasis is firmly on educational outcomes and school readiness in the early years,  this book offers a welcome and long overdue focus on the ways in which children’s brain development and education is intimately connected to health and well-being.  Written in a research informed yet accessible way, this is a really valuable addition to the literature and essential reading for all professionals who work with young children.’ 

Professor Sue Rogers
University College London, Institute of Education.

Relevant to the course themes this module covers

Dr Marianna Papadopoulou
School of Childhood & Education Sciences (Canterbury), Canterbury Christ Church University
February 29, 2024

Nice layout. Accessible + valuable book for students

Sarah Holmes
Childhood & Youth Studies, Liverpool Hope University
January 15, 2018

Useful for students to read and develop understanding.

Mrs Nicola Claire Firth
School of Education and Professional Development, Huddersfield University
August 18, 2015

Excellent resource to tackle a critical area of education.

Mrs Rhiannon Love
Teacher Development, Winchester University
August 27, 2015