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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management
Managing Employees for Competitive Advantage

Fifth Edition
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January 2022 | 602 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Human Resource Management: Managing Employees for Competitive Advantage, Fifth Edition offers a strategic framework—applicable across large and small organizations—to efficiently recognize and empower the right talent in a rapidly evolving business environment. Written in an accessible and engaging manner, authors Mary Gowan, Beverly DeMarr, and Jannifer David enable students to learn about the various practices and tools that can be used for effective employee management, as well as how to leverage them in different situations.

Chapter 1 Managing Employees for Competitive Advantage
Chapter 2 Creating High-Performing HR Systems
Chapter 3 Regulatory Issues
Chapter 4 Job Design and Job Analysis
Chapter 5 Workforce Planning
Chapter 6 Recruitment
Chapter 7 Selection
Chapter 8 Learning and Development
Chapter 9 Performance Management
Chapter 10 Compensating Employees
Chapter 11 Incentives and Rewards
Chapter 12 Employee Benefits and Safety Programs
Chapter 13 Labor Unions and Employee Management
Chapter 14 International Human Resource Management


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  • New Cases for Debate feature, present in every chapter, encourages students to engage in active discussions and contemplate the implications of the concepts presented.
  • New chapter on International Human Resource Management is dedicated to the unique aspects of international HRM.
  • Each chapter begins with a set of Learning Objectives, guiding students in mastering the material presented and enhancing their comprehension and retention.
  • Chapter Summaries provide a broad overview of what was covered in the chapter, bringing together concepts covered in the text.
  • Key Terms placed in the margins of each chapter provide students with a handy reference tool for quickly understanding crucial concepts.
  • Review Questions assist students in thinking about chapter content, enabling them to demonstrate a clear understanding of key HRM theories, issues, and challenges.
  • Learning Exercises and Case Studies in each chapter prompt students to apply HRM principles in real-world scenarios, fostering a practical understanding.
  • Company Spotlights illustrate real-world examples of companies dealing with HR issues, connecting HRM principles with practical applications and highlighting chapter topics' significance.
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