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Ideology and Opinions

Ideology and Opinions
Studies in Rhetorical Psychology

May 1991 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Exploring the interrelationship between psychology, ideology, and rhetoric, Ideology and Opinions illustrates the need to recognize the rhetorical nature of psychology. The first three chapters discuss and elaborate on the theoretical background for the rhetorical approach. This masterful volume then proceeds with five empirical chapters employing the rhetorical perspective in order to examine a variety of topics relating to ideology and common sense thinking, using a range of different qualitative methodologies. From examining the thinking of Young Conservatives to the nature of prejudice to fascist ideology to the history of republicanism, Michael Billig reveals the direction and value of this rhetorical approach. Accessibly and clearly written, Ideology and Opinions is essential reading for students, scholars, and professionals in social psychology, communication, sociology, psychology, and social theory. "The reading of this book is indispensable for those who would like to understand better an important trend in current social psychology." --Revue Suisse de Psychologie (Translated from the French)

Ideology, Rhetoric and Opinions
Thinking as Arguing
Social Representations and Rhetoric
The Very Ordinary Life of Young Conservatives
Arguments in Fascist Propaganda
The Concept of `Prejudice'
Rhetorical and Historical Aspects of Attitudes
The Case of the British Monarchy

The Argumentative Nature of Holding Strong Views
Politics and the Revival of Rhetoric

`Useful and refreshingly provocative... Billig is excellent in his discussion of the recent apparent split in National Front attitudes to Zionism, Palestine and anti-Semitism... As close and careful studies, these repay scrutiny by anyone interested in the political uses of discourse' - Sociology

`Billig's argument that the nature, as well as the content, of thought is a cultural product, and thus ideological, is significant and original... Billig's book is well informed and a commendable attempt at a truly social psychology... a valuable contribution to social theory' - Discourse & Society

`In this provocative and wonderfully written book, Billig offers a truly collective approach that challenges social psychologists to move beyond individualistic models of social action. His rhetorical approach has profound implications for sociolinguistics, intergroup relations, and ideology and society' - William A Corsaro, Indiana University

`In this lively collection of essays, Michael Billig demonstrates once again that he is a premier social psychologist and rhetorician' - Herbert W Simons, Temple University

`Consolidates and communicates in one place Billig's views about the role and importance of rhetoric, argumentation and ideology in the study of social psychology' - Choice

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ISBN: 9780803983328