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Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal Communication

5th edition
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November 2022 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With its unique skill-building approach, Interpersonal Communication provides students with the knowledge and practice they need to make effective choices as communicators in today's rapidly changing, technologically advanced, and diverse society. Rather than "telling" students how to communicate, authors Richard L. West and Lynn H. Turner integrate skill sets in each chapter so students can apply what they learn to their own lives. Rich with current examples and coverage of technology, social media, and diversity, this new Fifth Edition makes clear connections among theory, skills, and the situations we all encounter daily. 

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Chapter 1. Foundations of Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 2. Culture and Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 3. Perception, the Self, and Others
Chapter 4. Communicating Verbally
Chapter 5. Communicating Nonverbally
Chapter 6. Effective Listening and Responding
Chapter 7. Interpersonal Communication and Emotion
Chapter 8. Communicating Personal Disclosures
Chapter 9. Interpersonal Conflict
Chapter 10. Communicating in Close Relationships
Chapter 11. Communicating with Families, Friends, and Romantic Partners

This text provides a practical overview of a range of contemporary interpersonal concepts.

Wade Cornelius
Park University

This text is student friendly, and also research and theory based. It isn't just a well-organized and easy to navigate text, but is a text that shows how interpersonal relationships are pivotal in the study of communication. This textbook showcases that this is not just a "talk show" class, but a high level educational experience.

Amy Edwards
Oxnard College

This textbook hits the ball out of the park! The authors did a great job of giving the student/reader the tools to become a more effective interpersonal communicator.

Daron M. McDaniel
Panola College

Interpersonal Communication offers fresh examples of established theories to fully engage students. . . . The direct links to careers make this text distinct from other interpersonal communication texts.

Ann Vogel
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Practical application of theory so it is understandable to freshman through sophomore students. They will be able to read it, apply it, and use it.

Tracy R. Frederick
Southwestern College

A practical, well written text that students should be able to read and use to understand IPC concepts.

Tony Strawn
Henderson Community College

A fresh approach using comprehensive theories of interpersonal communication. Career focus will be helpful to some of the lost speech students.

Diane M. Ferrero-Paluzzi
Iona College

I think this is an excellent textbook for a four-year college lower-division interpersonal course, especially if you have no other course in interpersonal communication. If interpersonal communication is a general education requirement and this is the only exposure to IPC, again, this book does a better job than the average lower division textbook does in my opinion. It incorporates lots of theory and research.

Dr. Kathleen Czech
San Diego State University

Interpersonal Communication is an engaged text, providing the best of IPC learning!! Excellent content, layout, and knowledge provided for an IPC learner

Lisa Nelson Bamber
Otero Junior College

A good treatment of interpersonal communication that is user-friendly for students and instructors.

L. Larry Edmonds
Arizona State University
Key features
  • The new edition is available as a digital option through SAGE Vantage, an intuitive learning platform that integrates quality SAGE textbook content with assignable multimedia activities and auto-graded assessments to drive student engagement and ensure accountability. Unparalleled in its ease of use and built for dynamic teaching and learning, Vantage offers customizable LMS integration and best-in-class support. Learn more
  • New chapter-opening vignettes start off each chapter with an example that reinforces key concepts using current examples like social justice, diversity, and inclusion.
  • New Technology and Social Media sections explain how chapter topics are connected to and affected by social media and technology.
  • Reinforcing the skill-building approach, new Skill-Set sections provide students with key skills to help improve communication.
  • Online “Self-Assessments” within each chapter, exclusively in Vantage, allow students to reflect and build their skills by completing a questionnaire of their communication behaviors and attitudes.
  • IPC Careers and IPC Around Us features help students discover the relevance of interpersonal communication in their everyday lives.
  • IPC Voices features provide insight from students' perspectives while learning different concepts about interpersonal communication.
  • Apply It! features give students multiple opportunities to apply the theories they are learning to their life experiences.
  • Chapter wrap-ups and questions for reflection provide students with opportunities to assess what they have learned in the chapter.
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