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Key Issues in Education Policy

Key Issues in Education Policy

First Edition

July 2009 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What effect has two decades of intensive state direction and government involvement had on education?

Designed for Education Studies students who have probably grown up in this context of government intervention, this book deconstructs accepted notions and provides readers with the resources to discuss critically the role of the governments in education and schooling. The book examines government policy in a series of key areas, such as the curriculum, market forces, educational inequality, and race issues. Throughout, it considers the political and economic factors in education policy, introducing some of the fundamental concepts required to analyze the ideologies of education and the state. The authors explore the role of education policy in the context of the general direction of government policy, politics, and the economy, making links with other policy areas such as health, social services, home affairs, and foreign policy. They also explain the nature of government policy in terms of a globalization and the knowledge economy.

Introduction: Education and the state
Education in the marketplace
Inequalities and the school system
Specialist schools and academies
The curriculum and state knowledge
Teaching and assessment
Teacher training, Education Studies and the universities
Gender and educational policy
Race, religion and social cohesion
Poverty and social class: Every Child Matters

'Written with education studies students in mind, this book would also be a useful handbook for practising education professionals seeking insight into the political context of the settings within which they work...This is not a 'how to' text: the reader tasks enable reflection and understanding, rather than suggesting action - an approach which I personally find refreshing...This text performs its function well and enables readers to gain insight and understanding of aspects of education which we cannot afford to ignore' -
Learning and Teaching Update

'Ward and Eden have produced a useful and elegant text which deserves a place on the reading list of any education degree. I certainly hope that its readership goes beyond the most obvious target audience, as anyone involved in education would do well to read and enjoy this text' - ESCalate

'Education Policy is increasingly complex and opaque - this timely book brings clarity and reason to bear and is an ideal starting point for students and teachers struggling to understand the political world in which they work' - Professor Stephen J Ball, Institute of Education, University of London

"The book is far-reaching in its scope and critical vision."

Clyde Chitty
Goldsmiths, University of London
Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Key topics discussed and clearly examined- highly beneficial for students looking to reflect on the impact of policy in today's climate; further information though regarding the Welsh side of education policy would be beneficial in future

Mr Julian Ayres
School of Education and Community, Wrexham Glyndwr University
October 17, 2023

A must for anyone looking at educational issues. This book is informative, crtitical and challenges the status quo.

Mrs Deirdre Hewitt
School of Education, Chester University
May 18, 2015

Very good resource for anyone wishing to research any issues within education sectors policies.

Mrs Joanne Heyes
Educational Foundations , Riverside College Halton
October 10, 2015

A recommended read for undergraduates at all levels who are interested in social justice and the role of educational policy.

Mrs Jade Murden
Education , Derby University
April 9, 2015

Excellent book which will assist all students embarking on their training in teacher education.

Mrs Cheryl Hine
Access to H.E., Leeds City College
March 19, 2014

This text is more very easy to understand and jargon free for students of education policy, however I am not recommending it for my students as it is very heavily focused on the UK system, with a lot of specifically UK statistics and examples which my Irish students may find off putting for a core text.

Ms Hazel O brien
Department of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
February 11, 2014

Interesting text that provides some very useful supplementary information- particularly for top-end students

Ms Jay Henry
Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
September 20, 2013

An excellent overview of key education polic, ideal for even the most policy averse student

Mrs Chelle Davison
Education , Leeds Metropolitan University
November 4, 2012

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