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Key Texts in Human Geography

Key Texts in Human Geography

Edited by:
  • Phil Hubbard - Kings College, London, UK, Loughborough University, UK, University of Kent, UK
  • Rob Kitchin - Maynooth University, Ireland, NUI Maynooth, Ireland
  • Gill Valentine - Sheffield University, UK

June 2008 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"An essential synopsis of essential readings that every human geographer must read. It is highly recommended for those just embarking on their careers as well as those who need a reminder of how and why geography moved from the margins of social thought to its very core."
—Barney Warf, Florida State University

"Key Texts in Human Geography will surely become a 'key text' itself. Read any chapter and you will want to compare it with another. Before you realize, an afternoon is gone and then you are tracking down the originals…"
—James D. Sidaway, School of Geography, University of Plymouth

A unique resource for students, Key Texts in Human Geography provides concise but rigorous overviews of the key texts that have formed post-war human geography.

The text has been designed as a student-friendly guide that will:

  • explain the text in relation to the geographical debates at the time of writing
  • discuss the text's main arguments and sources of evidence
  • review the initial reception, subsequent evaluation, and continued influence of each key texts contribution to how geographers understand space and place

Intended Audience: Written in a clear and accessible way, by acknowledged scholars of the texts, an essential resources for undergraduates, Key Texts in Human Geography will be widely used and highly cited in courses on methods and approaches in geography.

Bo Lenntrop
Torsten Hagerstrand 'Innovation Diffusion as Spatial Process' (1953)
Michael F. Goodchild
William Bunge 'Theoretical Geography' (1962)
Martin Charlton
Peter Haggett 'Locational Analysis in Human Geography' (1965)
Ron Johnston
David Harvey 'Explanation in Geography' (1969)
Andy Wood
Kevin Cox 'Conflict, Power and Politics in the City' (1973)
David Seamon and Jacob Sowers
Edward Relph 'Place and Placelessness' (1976)
Tim Cresswell
Yi-Fu Tuan 'Space and Place' (1977)
Noel Castree
David Harvey 'The Limits to Capital' (1982)
Martin Phillips
Neil Smith 'Uneven Development' (1984)
Nick Phelps
Doreen Massey 'Spatial Divisions of Labour' (1984)
Susan Hanson
Women in Geography Study Group 'Geography and Gender' (1984)
David Gilbert
Denis Cosgrove 'Social Formation and Symbolic Landscape' (1984)
Satish Kumar
Stuart Corbridge 'Capitalist World Development' (1986)
Jonathan Beaverstock
Peter Dicken 'Global Shift' (1986)
Keith Woodward and John Paul Jones III
David Harvey 'The Condition of Postmodernity' (1989)
Claudio Minca
Edward Soja 'Postmodern Geographies' (1989)
Neil Coe
Michael Storper and Richard Walker 'The Capitalist Imperative' (1989)
Nick Spedding
David Livingstone 'The Geographic Tradition' (1992)
Robyn Longhurst
Gillian Rose 'Feminism and Geography' (1992)
John Pickles
Derek Gregory 'Geographical Imaginations' (1995)
Phil Hubbard
David Sibley 'Geographies of Exclusion' (1995)
Jo Sharp
Gearoid O'Tuathail 'Critical Geopolitics' (1996)
Philip Kelly
Trevor Barnes 'Logics of Dislocation' (1996)
Sarah Dyer
Sarah Whatmore 'Hybrid Geographies' (2002)
Alan Latham
Ash Amin and Nigel Thrift 'Cities' (2002)
Ben Anderson
Doreen Massey 'For Space' (2005)

We hardly can lay our hands on most of the works put together in this book in Nigeria. So it is a great book with collections of previous works needed to thrive as a contemporary forward looking geographer.

Dr Olabisi Michael Olapoju
Geography, Obafemi Awolowo University
January 3, 2019

The book has very interesting comments about fundamental writings of important geographers. I consider those authors in my course, and with this book we can go in depth with their writings.

Professor Gustavo Rodríguez
Geography , Universidad Autónoma de Guerrero
June 27, 2016

an excellent guding companion resource

Mr Richard Kotter
Dept of Geography, Northumbria University
July 11, 2013

Particularly helpful in undergraduate seminars where previous knowledge of students does not always suffice for understanding primary texts.

Mr Thilo Wiertz
Department of Geography, Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg
May 2, 2012

A useful single volume access to key papers. I would have liked a better degree of cross-referencing with the companion volumes in the series (e.g. key thinkers on space and place and key concepts).

Professor Patrick Devine-Wright
Geography, Exeter University
December 13, 2010

Good breadth and depth - excellent and useful reviews of important material

Professor David Harvey
Dept of Geography, Exeter University
September 20, 2010

Excellent text, well organized and thorough

Mr Daniel Reeves
Department of Social Geography and Regional Development, Charles University in Prague
September 17, 2010

The book is recommended text at our master course "History and Philosophy of geography"

Dr Britt Dale
Dept of Geography, Norwegian University of Science & Technology
November 12, 2009

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