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Land Reforms in India

Land Reforms in India
Computerisation of Land Records

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Wajahat Habibullah - Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India
  • Manoj Ahuja - Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, India

Volume: 10

July 2005 | 315 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This is the tenth volume in a major series which studies the status of land reforms throughout the country. It examines the progress achieved and the difficulties encountered in the computerisation of land records in various states.

In 1988, the central government sponsored the Computerisation of Land Records (CoLR) scheme to tackle the recurring problems thrown up by inadequate land records system. Providing a critical appraisal of CoLR, the 20 articles in the volume are divided into three sections: Computerisation of Land Records; Digitisation of Cadastral Maps; and Land Information System.

Based on empirical data and field studies, this volume is an important contribution towards understanding the socio-economic realities and social dynamics of contemporary India in the framework of land reforms.

S.D. Meena, Vinay Thakur, D.R. Shukla, O.P. Sisodia & S.K. Narula
Computerisation of Land Records National Perspective
Manoj Ahuja & A.P. Singh
Computerisation of Land Records-Inter-State Variations
Subhash Bhatnagar & Rajeev Chawla
Online Delivery of Records of Rights, Tenancy and Crops to farmers in Karnataka

A. Rama Mohan Rao & P.V. Bhat
Bhoomi-A Case Study
Manoj Ahuja & A.P. Singh
Evaluation of Computerization of Land Records in Karnataka
A study from Gulbarga District

Maha Singh
Computerisation of Land Records in the State of Haryana
S. Suresh Kumar
Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Computerisation of Land Records in West Bengal
R.M. Vardhan
Computerisation of Land Records in Goa
Achievements and Experiences.

Manoj Ahuja & A.P. Singh
Appraisal of Computerisation of Land Records in West Bengal
A Micro Study

Rajesh Kumar
Land Records
Issues & Innovations: A Case Study of Bhojpur, Bihar

Sunil Kumar
An Experience of application of IT to Land Records Management
Manoj Ahuja & A.P. Singh
Computerisation of Land Records in Punjab
Need to Rethink

Indu Gupta
Computerisation of Land Records in Rajasthan
Accomplish Some Objectives

N.K. Agarwal
Cadastral Surveys
Problems and Solutions

M.K. Agarwal
Digitisation of Cadastral Maps in Madhya Pradesh
S. Suresh Kumar
Do We Need a Digital Cadastre?
C.R. Das
Modern Technology in Survey & Settlement Operations in West Bengal
T. Radha
Computerization and Digitization of Survey & Land Records in Andhra Pradesh
Mohd. Afzal & Ashfaq A. Khan
Updation of Land Record, Computerization and Digitization of Cadastral Survey Maps with reference to J&K State
Alok Sharma & Lokesh Srivastva
Land Information System (LIS)
The Indian Perspective


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