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Literacy Is NOT Enough

Literacy Is NOT Enough
21st Century Fluencies for the Digital Age

October 2011 | 232 pages | Corwin

How to upgrade literacy instruction for digital learners

Educating students to traditional literacy standards is no longer enough. If students are to thrive in their academic and 21st century careers, then independent and creative thinking hold the highest currency. In Literacy is NOT Enough, the authors explain in detail how to add these new components of literacy:

  • Solution Fluency
  • Information Fluency
  • Creativity Fluency
  • Collaboration Fluency

Students must master a completely different set of skills to succeed in a culture of technology-driven automation, abundance, and access to global labor markets. The authors present an effective framework for integrating comprehensive literacy or fluency into the traditional curriculum.

About the Authors
1. Highly Educated, Useless People
2. Is the Factory Gone?
3. 21st-Century Fluencies
4. Solution Fluency
5. Information Fluency
6. Creativity Fluency
7. Media Fluency
8. Collaboration Fluency
9. Global Digital Citizenship
10. 21st-Century Learning Environment
11. 21st-Century Fluency Lessons
12. So Where Do We Begin?

Text did not cover the range of topics that I was seeking for this course.

Mr Rhett Hutchins
Language & Literacy Education, University of Georgia
October 15, 2012

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