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Making the Most of Your Placement

Making the Most of Your Placement

First Edition
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October 2009 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"An invaluable resource to help students think about what they want to gain from their placement and prepare for interview. Covering issues of pay to working abroad and learning from placements, its all here under one cover."
- Heather Collier, Director, National Council for Work Experience

This study guide is an invaluable resource for any student doing a work placement as part of their degree. The text provides practical and thorough advice to help students select, prepare, and navigate through their first experience of organizational life.

Key Features

  • Covers every step of the work placement process; from planning, making contact, interviewing and assessment, through to work skills and reflective learning and how to make the most of the placement experience and the opportunities it presents for future careers
  • Includes short testimonials in each chapter from students who have done placement years, offering experiences and advice
  • Provides checklists to help students cover every consideration for commencing on their placement
  • Offers an extensive list of helpful websites and contacts, as well as further reading suggestions

An essential source of support and guidance for undergraduate students doing work placements or internships as part of their degree course.

Finding a Placement
Applying for Roles
Interviews and Assessment Centres
The Important Not-So-Small Print
Settling into Your Placement
Key skills
Writing Reports
Learning from Your Placement
University Research Principles
Back at University


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Beneficial content for students that is written in a clear and understandable manner

Mr Craig Andrew Busby
Business Law, City of Oxford College
January 28, 2022

Covers a useful wide range of different topics for second year students on placement to consider.

Mrs Jenny Briggs
Business School, Nottingham Trent University
August 5, 2019

I will be recommending this book as it provides a clear idea of how to start work and also employment. some well written ideas with excellent advice for any student.

Mrs Honor Holloway
Home Learning College, Bucks New University
September 23, 2016

This book provides a good guide for student with key messages about practice placements. it is accessible with effective tips to enable student to consider the various points.

Mr Lesley Parish
Social Work , Worcester University
May 11, 2016

Very clear and concise. Useful to read at the start of the placement search and to dip into as you progress along the process

Mrs Tracy McAteer
Business School, Oxford Brookes University
February 2, 2015

This book is a really welcome addition, bringing structure and theory to the placement experience in a way that is accessible to the learner. There is a great deal of theoretical detail within the text but it is consistently applied and that is a strength. I like the incremental development of the book and the structure works effectively. The practicality and simplicity of the writing style makes this book particularly attractive to the learner. I most certainly will use if for the post-graduate placement module I teach and confidently predict that the students will find it useful.

Mrs Jane Thomas
School of Health Science, Swansea University
May 29, 2013

Find the work compliments the information given from the University placement tutor.

Dr Margaret-Anne Houston
[DEPARTMENT NOT SPECIFIED], Glasgow Caledonian University
May 23, 2013

There is so much in this book it has application beyond industry placements.

I found the chapters on HR, interviewing and applying for jobs very good indeed. Likewise, the chapters on research principles and 'back at university' are informative and relevant to students.

Mr Nicholas Canty
Information Studies, University College London
October 6, 2011

This is a well written, useful book for students in Business and the Creative Industries that appears to fill a gap in the market

Ms Fiona Milne
Employability Link, University of the West of Scotland
November 15, 2010

This is great for my second year's who have a volunteering placement as part of thei module

Ms Elizabeth Ross
Inst of Applied Social Studies, Birmingham University
September 16, 2010

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Chapter One

Chapter Two