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Mathematics Explained for Healthcare Practitioners

Mathematics Explained for Healthcare Practitioners

First Edition

February 2013 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
If you find mathematics a struggle, or if mathematics makes you panic - whether you're a student preparing for a calculations test, or a qualified healthcare professional - this is the book for you.

Its focus is first and foremost on helping you develop a proper and lasting understanding of mathematical concepts and processes in a healthcare context, with an emphasis on developing mental strategies to reinforce your feeling for number and numerical relationships. Clear, accessible chapters take you step-by-step through specific sets of objectives, and once you feel you have fully mastered a particular mathematical process, you're encouraged to practise your skills through a range of practical examples. Each chapter also contains a 'Spot the Errors' feature designed to reflect the busy, pressurised healthcare environment.

Written by Derek Haylock, a best-selling mathematics educator, and Paul Warburton, co-ordinator of the Non-Medical Prescribing programme at Edge Hill University, the book is directly linked to the NMC's competencies and will give you the confidence to perform the safe, error-free calculations required of all healthcare professionals.

Understanding the Number System
Addition and Subtraction Skills
Multiplication and Division Skills
Units of Length
Units of Liquid Volume
Units of Weight
Using a Calculator
Calculations with Decimal Numbers
Imperial Units Still in Use
Understanding Fractions and Ratios
Proportionality and 'Per'
Miscellaneous Mathematics
Answers to Check-ups


OK, for some learners but may not suit all. I have a range of text as students relate to them differently

Mrs Trudi Neenan
Dept of Health Sciences, York University
February 11, 2014

Book is well presented in a logical manner. The book has practical examples for which students are able to work through in their own time.

Will discuss with lead for numeracy

Mrs Tracy Kilbourn
Department of Health & Human Sciences, Essex University
February 6, 2014

This is one of three textbooks i recommend to students regarding drug calculations as different books help different people.

Ms Alison Busby
Health , university of manchester
February 4, 2014

This book we enable midwifery students to deal confidently and competently with drug calculations.

Mrs Yetunde Akinnuoye
Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
November 29, 2013

Good supplemental book for those students needing support with their maths.

Susan Tully
Midwifery & Child, Bournemouth University
October 22, 2013

One of a range of books that supports students who may struggle with basic mathematics, particularly arithmetic

Ms Sharon Sykes
School of Health and Postgrad Medicine, University of Central Lancashire
October 21, 2013

Excellent maths book for level 3 and 4 wanting to go into nursing . Essential assistence for maths /functional skills exams.

Mrs Margaret Bull
School Of Care Studies, West Herts College
August 30, 2013

A very useful book to help students who are unconfident about their mathematical abilities. The book includes some basic maths with useful contextual examples. This allows the student to relate to the importance of numerical skills in healthcare and veterinary professions

Ms Hilary Orpet
Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS), Royal Veterinary College
August 14, 2013

Gives a good overview of basic numeracy skills, although some parts were quite complicated.

Miss Sarah Coulson
Care, Sport and Leisure, Tyne Metropolitan College
July 15, 2013

I found this book rather complicated in places. Would have been enhanced with more references and images of medications.

Mr Chris Wheable
School of Health, Wolverhampton University
July 3, 2013

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