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Pedagogy and Practice

Pedagogy and Practice
Culture and Identities

First Edition
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July 2008 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book foregrounds pedagogy in a way that challenges readers to reflect on themselves as teachers and learners, and to be reflexive about their own practices and contexts. Learning involves a transformation of identity which occurs through negotiation and repositioning, through new ways of relating, and through different ways of participating in practices. This book examines the meaning and implications for pedagogy in educational and workplace settings, and the role of the teacher in this sociocultural view of learning. By illustrating the mediated nature of agency and identity, the chapters (re)conceptualise the teacher and the learner and show different ways of supporting learning and being a teacher.

The settings represented range from nursery to university and from out-of-school to insitutionally-based and work place situations. Curricular aspects represented include popular culture, critical literacy, multimodality, the arts, and new technologies. Teachers and student teachers, as learners, are also represented in the accounts assembled.

The book takes a sociocultural view of learning and considers the pedagogical implications of this view. It explores different meanings of pedagogy and considers notions of cultural bridging and the processess of transforming identities.

The contributions challenge ways of thinking about practice, both teaching and assessment, and argue for practices that bridge between learners' worlds, their communities and educational institutions.

Drawing on the international literature, this book will be essential reading for students of curriculum learning and assessment in all sectors from pre-primary to further and higher education. It is suitable as a core text for masters and taught doctorate programmes. It will also be of interest to a wide range of professionals involved with curriculum, learning and the practice of teaching and assessment.

This book is relevant to those in work-based and professional education and training, and in informal educational settings, as well as traditional educational institutions at all levels. A unique collection in a field that is underrepresented, it will also be of interest to an academic audience.

Thinking about Pedagogy
Cultural Bridging
Transforming Identities

Excellent representation of the importance of pedagogical practice and has been an an inspiring book for the BA students to use within their assessments.

Mrs Lyn Johnston
Child Studies, York College
December 14, 2022

Pedagogy and pedagogic approaches are essential areas for any practitioner in education to consider and engage with. This book presents so much more than the generic background and discussion on pedagogy by critically examining a range of issues which impact and interact with pedagogical approaches in action as well as with the ideas and concepts of pedagogy itself. I would suggest this should be essential reading on teacher training programmes.

Mr Sam Emmett
Early Childhood Education, Glyndwr University
July 3, 2017

This text gathers together a range of relevant chapters that capture a broad range of issues to consider within education. The culture of education is presented both widely as a concept within education as well as case examples of specific cultural groups. The notion of multiple pedagogies is presented effectively alongside definitions that provide a strong base from which further research can be built.

Ms Lorraine Anne Loveland-Armour
Department of Education, Newman University
October 6, 2016

Very good book for the Primary education module and supporting learning module

Miss Annette Trilk
childcare, Wakefield College
August 22, 2015

This is an invaluable text for any student studying in initial teacher education.

Ms Lis Bundock
Education, Brighton University
January 11, 2015

The book has been added to recommended reading lists. The book gives the reader essential grounding on pedagogy in the workplace across a number of disciplines: essential for our students

Mrs Joanne Mcveigh
faculty of arts and science , Edge Hill University
August 27, 2014

It provides the opportunity for students to review how pedagogy is practiced in a number of different settings and further their knowledge relating to the curriculum.

Mrs Sarah Collyer
Childcare Department, Brooklands College
June 27, 2014

This book explores pedagogy and practice from a sociocultural perspective and in a way no other text book has previously.From a lecturer point of view who teaches predominantly adult learners in primary school the book clearly outlines deeper and broader notions of pedaagogy over cross phase teaching and learning institutions ranging from pre-school to university.

Mrs Angela Normanton
UCBC, Blackburn College
June 24, 2014

This is an excellent book for anyone teaching or learning about sociocultural approaches in the field of education. The book has brought together classic readings such as Barbara Rogoff's Observing sociocultural activity on three planes, which is the set reading for one of my Human Development lectures. Other authors include Gabrielle Ivinson, Patricia Murphy and Bronwyn Davies. The book provides access to key texts that are essential for exploring learning from a sociocultural perpective.

Dr Dawn Mannay
Cardiff School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University
January 22, 2013

Meets needs of my course. Good match with course content.

Dr Sharon Ulanoff
Curriculum Instruction Div, California State University - Los Angeles
August 7, 2012

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 2 - Defining Pedagogy