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Practice tips & resources for counselling children

practice tips

Activities and resources can be used to help engage with children and young people during the counselling process, but how should it be decided which to use and why?  We share here a small collection of some practice tips and guidance which we hope will be useful for your students when they are preparing to work with children and young people. 

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Risk Assessment 

Assessing for risk is not a one-off occurrence. Rather, the assessment of risk will be ongoing throughout the therapeutic work.

Read this free sample from Rebecca Kirkbride's Counselling Young People.

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Keeping a play journal

In this free extract taken from Skills in Counselling & Psychotherapy with Children & Young People author Lorraine Sherman discusses:

  • the purpose of a play journal
  • how to prepare and keep a play journal
  • what the process of having a play journal will enable

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Social Skills Worksheet

A worksheet, 'Fighting Fear With Felix' which can be used when working with children and young people to help them address their fears and reactions.