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Public Affairs Management

Public Affairs Management

Four Volume Set
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April 2013 | 1 632 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This four-volume set looks at the evolution of ideas around that critical government and business strategic interface, Public Affairs, and how our understanding and conceptualisation of the discipline and topic area has changed as the subject has become rapidly grown and become more important over the past decade with globalisation. Through thematic exploration of the key conceptual and empirical articles to have come out of the field, public affairs is here understood as a discipline and professional practice, taking in: the organisation and structuring of the public affairs function; the characteristics and factors influencing the effectiveness of public affairs; the profile, characteristics and competencies of public affairs practitioners; the value of public affairs; what is understood about 'best practice' in the public affairs context, and its limitations; and the international perspective of public affairs. Skilfully edited and introduced by a leading voice in the field, this major work shines a spotlight on a subject which is increasingly gaining strategic significance across disciplines on the global stage.

Volume One: Introduction and definition

Volume Two: Strategy

Volume Three: Globalization

Volume Four: Critical Issues in Public Affairs

Phil Harris
Barry Baysinger and Richard Woodman
Dimensions of the Public Affairs/Government Relations Function in Major American Corporations
James Post et al
The Public Affairs Functions in American Corporations: Development and Relations with Corporate Planning
Gerald Keim, Carl Zeithaml and Barry Baysinger
New Directions for Corporate Political Strategy
Robert Dickie
Influence of Public Affairs Offices on Corporate Planning and of Corporations on Government Policy
Steven Wartick and Philip Cochran
The Evolution of the Corporate Social Performance Model
Jean Boddewyn
Political Aspects of MNE Theory
J.F. Mahon
Corporate Political Strategy
Strategic Responses to Institutional Processes
Sandra Waddock and John Mahon
Strategic Issues Management
An Integration of Issue Life-Cycle Perspectives

Oliver Williamson
Markets, Hierarchies and the Modern Corporation
An Unfolding Perspective

Maxwell McCombs and Donald Shaw
The Evolution of Agenda-Setting Research
25 Years in the Marketplace of Ideas

Jean Boddewyn and Thomas Brewer
International Business Political Behavior
New Theoretical Perspectives

Martin Meznar and Douglas Nigh
Buffer or Bridge? Environmental and Organizational Determinants of Public Affairs Activities in American Firms
Patrick Butler and Neil Collins
Strategic Analysis in Political Markets
Kevin Moloney and Grant Jordan
Why Companies Hire Lobbyists
Kathleen Getz
Research in Corporate Political Action
Integration and Assessment

C.S. Fleisher and N.M. Blair
Tracing the Parallel Evolution of Public Affairs and Public Relations
An Examination Practice, Scholarship and Teaching

Thomas Marx
Strategic Planning for Public Affairs
Andrew Lock and Phil Harris
Political Marketing
Vive le Difference!

Jennifer Griffin and John Mahon
Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance
25 Years of Incomparable Research

Phil Harris, D. Moss and N. Vetter
Machiavelli's Legacy to Public Affairs
A Modern Tale of Servants and Princes in U.K. Organizations (Journal of Communication Management 3, 3: 201-217)

Frank Baumgartner and Beth Leech
Interest Niches and Policy Bandwagons
Patterns of Interest Group Involvement in National Politics

Robert Heath
Issues Management
Its Past, Present and Future

Douglas Schuler, Kathleen Rehbein and Roxy Cramer
Pursuing Strategic Advantage through Political Means
A Multivariate Approach

Amy Hillman
Determinants of Political Strategies in U.S. Multinationals
Amy Hillman
Politicians on the Board of Directors
Do Connections Affect the Bottom Line?

Steven Wartick and Pursey Heugens
Future Directions for Issues Management
Amy Hillman, Gerald Keim and Douglas Schuler
Corporate Political Strategies
A Review and Research Agenda

Shannon Bowen and Robert Heath
Issues Management, Systems and Rhetoric
Exploring the Distinction between Ethical and Legal Guidelines at Enron

Holly Brasher and David Lowery
The Corporate Context of Lobbying Activity
Joseph Heath
Business Ethics without Stakeholders
Mette Morsing and Majken Schultz
Corporate Social Responsibility Communication
Stakeholder Information, Response and Involvement Strategies

W. Timothy Coombs
Protecting Organization Reputations during a Crisis
The Development and Application of Situational Crisis Communication Theory

The Effects of the Governance Environment on the Choice of Investment Mode and the Strategic Implications

Shaomin Li and Larry Filer
David Lowery
Why Do Organized Interests Lobby? A Multigoal, Multicontext Theory of Lobbying
Gerald Keim and Amy Hillman
Political Environments and Business Strategy
Implications for Managers

Shaun Bowler, Todd Donovan and Ken Fernandez
The Growth of the Political Marketing Industry and the California Initiative Process
Douglas Schuler
Corporate Political Strategy and Foreign Competition
The Case of the Steel Industry

David Coen
The European Business Interest and the Nation State
Large Firm Lobbying in the European Union and Member States

Alex Warleigh
The Hustle
Citizenship Practice, NGOs and 'Policy Coalitions' in the European Union

Peter Koeppl
The Acceptance, Relevance and Dominance of Lobbying and the European Union Commission
A First-Time Survey of the European Union Commission's Civil Servants

Pieter Bouwen
Exchanging Access Goods for Access
A Comparative Study of Business Lobbying in the European Union Institutions

Geoff Allen
An Integrated Model, the Evolution of Public Affairs down under
John Holcomb
Public Affairs in North America
Klaus Mayer and Mike Peng
Probing Theoretically into Central and Eastern Europ
Transactions, Resources and Institutions

Yongqiang Gao
Corporate Political Action in China and America
A Comparative Perspective

Scott Kennedy
Transnational Political Alliances
An Explanation with Evidence from China

Yi-Ru Regina Chen
The Strategic Management of Government Affairs in China
How Multinational Corporations in China Interact with the Chinese Government

Jean Boddewyn
The Internalization of the Public-Affairs Function in U.S. Multinational Enterprises
Tarun Khanna and Yishay Yafeh
Business Groups in Emerging Markets
Paragons or Parasites?

Leanne Glenny
Perspectives of Communication in the Australian Public Sector
Fruzsina Harsanyi and Susan Schmidt
Creating a Public Affairs Function in Countries without a Public Affairs Culture
Phil Harris and Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
BSE and Marketing Communication Myopia
Daisy and the Death of the Sacred Cow

Tim Breitbarth and Phil Harris
The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Football Business
Towards the Development of a Conceptual Model

Stephanie Finnel, Americus Reed II and Karl Aguino
Promoting Multiple Policies to the Public
The Difficulties of Simultaneously Promoting War and Foreign Humanitarian Aid

Sandra Jones
'You Wouldn't Know It Had Alcohol in It until You Read the Can'
Adolescents and Alcohol-Energy Drinks

Patrick Butler, Neil Collins and Richard Speed
The Europeanization of the British Political Marketplace
Lars Hallstrom
Eurocratizing Enlargement, European Union Elites and NGO Participation in European Environmental Policy
John Mahon
Corporate Reputation
A Research Agenda Using Strategy and Stakeholder Literature

Charles Fombrun and Mark Shanley
What's in a Name? Reputation-Building and Corporate Strategy
Jennifer Griffin
The Empirical Study of Public Affairs
Andreas Georg Scherer, Guido Palazzo and Dorothée Baumann
Global Rules and Private Actors
Toward a New Role for the Transnational Corporation in Global Governance

Leeora Black and E.J. Härtel
The Five Capabilities of Socially Responsible Companies
Stephen Hennenberg, Margaret Scammell and Nicholas O'Shaughnessy
Political Marketing Management and Theories of Democracy
Jonathan Doh and Jean Boddewyn
Global Strategy and the Collaboration of MNEs, NGOs and Governments for the Provision of Collective Goods in Emerging Markets
Shawn Berman et al
Does Stakeholder Orientation Matter? The Relationship between Stakeholder Management Models and Firm Financial Performance
Anotonio Tencatti, Francesco Perrini and Stefano Pogutz
New Tools to Foster Corporate Social Responsible Behaviour
Danny Moss et al
Exploring the Management of the Corporate Public Affairs Function in a Dynamic Global Environment

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