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Researching Digital Media and Society

Researching Digital Media and Society

February 2024 | 264 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
We live in an increasingly digitised society. In an age of digital identities, rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence and ever more sophisticated software available, our methods for researching digital media must be flexible and adaptable. This book will help you to understand why researchers in this field choose and use particular research methods, equipping you to put these methods into practice across the whole range of undergraduate media courses. This book shows you how research methods can help us to make sense of the myriad of information we encounter online every day, from Tiktok influencers to viral Twitter posts. Complete with case studies in each chapter, the book covers both well-established methods, such as network analysis, and cutting-edge ones, such as interface analysis. It provides a crucial foundation for research in digital media, demonstrating the scope and potential of these tools. The book adopts an easy-to-navigate structure, taking you through specific methods in a systematic way. It shows you examples of classic uses of each method, and directs you towards further resources after each chapter.

Researching Digital Media and Society
Mixing Methods
The Research Process
Digital Research Ethics
Digital Ethnography
Qualitative Text Analysis
Computational Text Analysis
Social Network Analysis
Visual Analysis
Platform Analysis

Lindgren and Eriksson Krutrök have produced the definitive guide on researching digital media and society. Part methods, part research design, and part history lesson, this book is an indispensable resource for anyone studying digital media today.

Brooke Welles

Sage College Publishing

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