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Rural Marketing

Rural Marketing
Developing the Non-urban Consumer

Third Edition (Revised Edition)
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June 2022 | SAGE Texts
This revised edition comprehensively covers the fundamental aspects of rural marketing with practical examples and cases.

This textbook retains the concept of rural markets and rural marketing and explores the emerging channels such as digitization and ecommerce in rural markets. It includes numerous short cases to illustrate how social and cultural aspects influence rural consumer behaviour. This third edition has five new chapters, and each existing chapter has undergone in-depth revision as per the new curriculum, to add the latest developments and weed out redundant information along with restructuring changes. 

A clear and compelling writing style, cutting-edge learning tools and completely revised chapters make this book an indispensable guide for students and professionals striving to make a career in rural marketing.

Key Features:

• In-depth discussion on critical issues in rural markets such as socio-economic and the technological environment of rural markets
• Comprehensive presentation of concepts—from researching rural markets to future of rural markets in the digital world

• Rich pedagogical features to aid teaching–learning in the classroom—learning objectives, chapter-end summary, case studies, concept review questions, critical thinking questions and much more

Rural Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges
Environment and Profile of the Rural Market
Rural Consumer
Researching Rural Markets
SAGA of Rural Market Segmentation: Segmentation, Aggregation and Affordability
Positioning for Value
Product Strategy and Innovation to Create Value
Fragmentation and Intangibility of Rural Service: People and Technology Supported Process Create and Deliver Service
Pricing in Rural Markets: Affordability and Value Creation
Communication Strategy for Rural Markets
Influences Shaping Communication Strategy
Operationalising Communication Strategy
Distribution Strategy and Rural Shops
Traditional Rural Retail Institutions beyond the Village Shop
Access the Rural Consumer: Emerging Channels
Strategies for Rural Markets
Future of Rural Market in a Connected World


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