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SAGE Sourcebook of Modern Biomedical Devices

SAGE Sourcebook of Modern Biomedical Devices
Business Environments in a Global Market

Four Volume Set

June 2007 | 1 680 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Biomedical devices undoubtedly represent one of the most striking examples of the revolutionary developments, in both medicine and technology, in the 21st century. The explosive growth of research, scientific output, industrial market development, and investments in today's global applications of scientific and technological knowledge to health care is staggering, and all indications point to the continued increase in all these developments in the years to come.

Although a significant number of already existing sources try to address the scientific/clinical/technological aspects of biomedical devices, there is practically no reference that illustrates to researchers the commercial potential of the results of their research. The SAGE Sourcebook of Modern Biomedical Devices: Business Markets in the Global Environment is the first accessible, broadly available source of information that presents and quantifies the commercial success of numerous types of biomedical devices available in the global market.

It is of great importance, for both the research and the business communities, to identify specific biomedical device types, per major therapeutic areas, most commercially successful in today's global economic markets, such as in the biggest market (U.S.), in the Pacific Rim, and in the newly expanded European Union. Currently, such vital information is not available anywhere else, definitely not in a unified source and not in a detailed, well-substantiated, reliable, and easy-to-read form.

Key Features  
  • Presents, for the first time in one reference source, unique quantitative data and brief comparative analysis of the commercial performance of more than 180 types of biomedical devices
  • Covers devices from practically all major therapeutic areas of application, such as orthopedic devices, cardiovascular devices, gastrointestinal devices, cancer treatment devices, imaging devices, and spinal implants, as well as emerging markets for cardiac surgery devices
  • Offers global analysis of markets per device per therapeutic area, including North America, the Pacific Rim, and Europe
  • Examines commercial success, market shares, and business potential of the rapidly changing new technologies and the new markets; thus, this Encyclopedia will be useful as a possible indication of further direction of research, development, and investments in the biomedical device areas globally
  • Reflects the latest changes in the marketplace with information updated periodically
  • Presents data in a concise, clear, and reader-friendly way, with emphasis on graphs, tables, and charts
SAGE Sourcebook of Modern Biomedical Devices: Business Markets in the Global Environment is a truly unique resource not only for academic and corporate libraries and working groups but also for researchers and graduate students working in all fields of biomedical devices, in both physical and life sciences, including departments of Engineering, Materials Science, Applied Physics, Chemistry, as well as medical schools and business schools (with the all important emphasis in health care economics). Businesspeople, government organizations, funding agencies, health care providers, and hospital libraries will also find this a welcome addition to their reference collection.

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