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Designed for various levels of faculty and students, these engaging webinars will help you learn more about our authors, textbooks, and initiatives. SAGE talks offer you the opportunity to closely interact with authors as they explore some of today's top trends and discussions within the worlds of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences.

Featured Webinars:

Why Do They Do It? 
Tips for Teaching Intro to Criminology

Date: 3/29/17 | 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (PDT)

Join SAGE author and award winning professor Stephen G. Tibbetts for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities when teaching an introductory criminology course.

In this SAGE Talks, Stephen G. Tibbetts will highlight teaching tips for:

  • Helping students to connect theory with crime
  • Engaging students by using weird & high-profile crimes
  • Using real-world case studies in class

Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today!


The Power of Stories: Engaging your American Government Students

Date: 3/30/17 | 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. (PDT)

There is a growing body of research that points to the power of stories in helping students learn and remember core content. 

Please join SAGE/CQ Press author and award-winning professor Scott Abernathy (University of Minnesota) for a discussion on effective ways to use the power of stories to teach students the key concepts of American Government. 

The discussion will address teaching strategies with a focus on:

  • Engaging students by introducing a wide range of stories into your teaching
  • Integrating the diversity of Americans’ lived experiences into your course
  • Using stories to highlight how the American political system is the product of strategies, calculations, and miscalculations of countless individuals

Most of the hour-long session will be facilitated as a "Town Hall" (a question-and-answer format), and opportunities to submit questions will be offered to you upon registration and throughout the session. 

Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your spot today!