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March 1993 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Culling the vast literature on sexuality, this comprehensive volume offers a timely, readable, and multidisciplinary portrait of sexuality in close relationships. Sprecher and McKinney take an extensive look at current theory and research in sexually-based primary relationships, paying close attention to sexual attitudes, sexual behaviors, sexual satisfaction, and sexual coercion. They discuss sexual patterns in several types of sexual relationships--dating, cohabitating, marital, and homosexual--and show how sexual aspects of these relationships are related to other characteristics, like love and communication. The authors also explore sexual standards, predictors of sexual attraction, sexual scripts, the initiation of sex, negotiating safe-sex behaviors, and which types of couples are most sexually satisfied--and why. "This volume is a rich source of information about ways that sexuality is interrelated to relationship phenomenon. It provides a valuable historical perspective on selected issues by reviewing older, significant pieces of research. At the same time, recent and important studies on current topics, are included; thus, the book is solidly based on research findings. In addition, a number of important methodological issues are presented in a clear understandable manner throughout the chapters. This makes the book ideal for instructors who want to emphasize to students that how research is conducted is an important influence on what we know about sexuality. Moreover, the tone and the high quality of the writing make it ideal for use in upper division undergraduate courses and graduate seminars, or for scholars who want to familiarize themselves with this area of investigation. Finally, the authors are to be complimented on their inclusion of different types of relationships." --Journal of Marriage and the Family

Attitudes About Sexuality in Close Relationships
The Beginning of the Sexual Relationship
Beginning Sex in the Close Relationship
Sexual Behaviors and Satisfaction in Close Relationships
Sexuality and Other Dimensions of the Close Relationship
Sexual Coercion in Developing and Developed Relationships

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