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Slippery Eugenics

Slippery Eugenics
An Introduction to the Critical Studies of Race, Gender and Coloniality

January 2025 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Uncover the subtle influence of eugenic ideas on modern policies and their ongoing impact on our world. Examining the global spread and adaptation of eugenic concepts across various national contexts, this book reveals how they intersect with nationalism, populism, and individual reproductive responsibilities. Beginning first with the history of eugenics, the book moves onto an in-depth exploration of its lasting impacts on reproductive control, racialization, colonialism, gender norms, and more, offering a comprehensive understanding of how these intertwined legacies continue to shape contemporary society.

Chapter 1: Introducing Critical Eugenic Studies
Chapter 2: Eugenics as a Colonial Tool
Chapter 3: An Unnatural Selection
Chapter 4: The Impact of Eugenics
Chapter 5: From Eugenics to Population Control
Chapter 6: Understanding Eugenics in the Neoliberal Era
Chapter 7: Genes, Gender, Race and Moral Panics
Chapter 8: The Eugenic Construction of “Natural Disasters” and Global Pandemics

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ISBN: 9781529626254

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