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Structure and Agency

Structure and Agency

Four Volume Set
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June 2010 | 1 672 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The relationship of social structure to individual and collective agency has been central to sociology from the outset. It remains so in period in which poststructuralists have challenged the idea of stable social structures and even the usefulness in social science of the concept of structure itself. The historical trajectory of the debate about the respective importance of structure and agency and the relationship between the two provides the narrative context of this collection of articles.

Structure and Agency is a collection of classic and contemporary readings on this central sociological theme. Readings from Marx, Weber and Durkheim are included as well as recent pieces by authorities including Margaret Archer, Pierre Bourdieu and Stuart Hall. These four volumes cover respectively the seminal sources of the structure/agency debate and the 'cultural turn'; critical theory, Giddens' structuration theory, and critical realism; the application of theory to specific areas of social life; network theory and globalization; and a conclusion covering current theoretical trends and debates. The editor's introduction provides a parallel historical and theoretical commentary to the readings.

Volume I: Modernity, Sociology and the Structure/Agency Debate
Volume II: Postmodernity - An End to the Structure /Agency Dichotomy
Volume III: Structure/Agency Theories Applied
Volume IV: Network Theory - Transcending the Traditional Limits of Structure/Agency

Part 1: Modernity, Sociology and the Structure/Agency Debate
Seminal Sources: Marx, Weber and Durkheim
On Class

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Definitions of Sociology and Social

Max Weber
The Conflict between Methodology and Rationalisation in the Work of Max Weber

Lars Udehn
From "Suicide: A study in sociology

Emile Durkheim
American Structural-Functionalism
Parson's Action-System Requisite Model and Weber's Elective Affinity: A convergence of convenience

Javier Trevino
Overcoming Structure and Agency: Talcott Parsons, Ludwig Wittgenstein and the theory of social action

Anthony King
Structure and Anomie

Robert K. Merton
The Oversocialized Conception of Man in Modern Sociology

Denis H. Wrong
Symbolic Interactionism
From "Mind, Mind Self and Society: From the standpoint of a social behaviourist"

George Mead
Goffman on Organizations

Peter K. Manning
The Sociology of Self

Peter L. Callero
Alfred Schutz and the 'Objectifying Attitude'

Austin Harrington
The Two Sociologies

Alan Dawe
Structuralism, Poststructuralism and the Cultural Turn
Desire and Drive in Researcher Subjectivity: The broken mirror of Lacan

Tony Brown
The Power of the Imaginary in Disciplinary Processes

John Roberts
Agency: The internal split of structure

Yong Wang
Born-Again Functionalism: a reconsideration of Althusser's structuralism

Richard P. Appelbaum
Structures, Strategies and the Habitus

Pierre Bourdieu
Some Implications of Pierre Bourdieu's Work for the Theory of Social Self Organizations

Christian Fuchs
Epistemology and Method: Althusser, Foucault, Derrida

P.L. Brown
Agency and Change: Re-evaluating Foucault's legacy

Raymond Caldwell
Bourdieu, Critic of Foucault: The case of rmpirical social science against double-game-philosophy

Staf Callwaert
Part 2: Critical Theory; Structuration Theory; Critical Realism; and Indentity Theory
Critical Theory: Adorno, Habermas, Marcuse
Reading Bourdieu with Adorno: The limits of critical theory and reflexive sociology

Nedim Karakayali
Pragmatism and Critical Theory

Larry Ray
The self-empowered subject: Habermas, Foucault and hermeneutic reflexivity

Hans Herbert Kogler
Structuration Theory: The Dualism/Duality Debate
From "The Constitution of Society: Outline of the theory of structuration"

Anthony Giddens
A Theory of Structure: Duality, agency and transformation

William H. Sewell
Institutional Responsibility and Hidden Meanings

Rick A. M. Iedema
Cultural Consumption Analysis: Beyond structure and agency

Volker Kirchberg
Social and System Integration: Lockwood, Habermas, Giddens

Nicos Mouzelis
Radically Reconstituting the Subject: Social theory and human nature

Mike H. O'Donnell
Critical Realism
Morphogenesis versus Structuration: On combining structure and action

Margaret S. Archer
The Archers; a Tale of Folk (Final Episode?)

Frederic Vandenberghe
Challenging Dualism: Public professionalism in 'troubled' times

Denis Gleeson and David Knight
Refusing the Realism-Structuration Divide

Rob Stones
Structure, Self, Agency and Identity
Identity as an analysis problem: who's who in 'pro ana' websites

Martin Hammersley and Peggy Treseder
What is Identity?

Stuart Hall
Performativity Identified

Alecia Youngblood Jackson
Narrating Human Actions: The subjective experience of agency, structure, communion and serendipity

Amia Leiblich and Tammar B. Zilber
Contingency, contestation and hegemony: The possibility of a non-essentialist politics of the left

Eduard Grebe
Part 3: Structure/Agency Theories Applied
Structure, agency and Marx's analysis of the labour process

Stephen Pratten
With a little class: A critique of identity politics

Martha E. Gimenez
Violence and Revolutionary Subjectivity: Marx to Zizek

Christopher J. Finlay
The Promising Future of Class Analysis: A response to recent critiques

John H. Goldthorpe and Gordon Marshall
Organizations and Employment
Implications of Self-Reference: Niklas Luhmann's autopoiesis and organization theory

Tor Hernes and Tore Bakken
The New Structuralism in Organizational Theory

Michael Lounsbury and Marc Ventresca
Theorising Patriarchy

Sylvia Walby
Structure and Agency in Socialist-Feminist Thought

Amy S. Wharton
Agency, Anticipation and Determinacy in Feminist Theory

Lois McNay
Hegemonic Masculinity: Rethinking the concept

R. W. Connell and James Messersmidt
'Race', Ethnicity and Agency
Women, Men and Class Revisited: An assessment of the utility of a combined schema in the context of minority Ethnic educational achievement in Britain

Catherine Rothon
The Social Geographies of White Masculitinites

Stephen D. Farough
The Life Course
Identity and Agency in Emerging Adulthood: Two developmental routes in the individuation process

Seth J. Schwartz, James E. Cote and Jeffrey Jensen Arnett
Women Growing Older: Agency, ethnicity and culture

Sharon Wray
Agency, Structure, and the Transition to Disability: A case study with implications for life history research

Ronald J. Berger
Love's Labour Lost? Feminism, the disabled people's movement and an ethic of care

Bill Hughes, Linda McKie, Debra Hopkins and Nick Watson
The Body: Embodiment
The Undersocialised Conception of the Embodied Agent In Modern Sociology

Chris Shilling
'Sex' and the Problem of the Body: Reconstructing Judith Butler's theory of sex/gender

Samuel A. Chambers
Part 4: Network Theory, Globalisation Theory, Hegemony
The Network Society: From knowledge to policy

Manuel Castells
Reflexivity as Non-linearity

Scott Lash
Internet and self-regulation in China: The cultural logic of controlled commodification

Ian Weber and Lu Jia
Globalisation, Social Movements
Simmel to Rokkan and Beyond: Towards a network theory of (new) social movements

Mario Diani
The Gordian Knot of Agency-Structure in International Relations: A neo-Gramscian perspective

Andreas Bieler and Adam David Morton
Culture, Identity and Hegemony: The body in a global age

Lauren Langman
Human Well-Being and Social Structures: Relating the universal and the local

Ian Gough
The Crisis of Identity in High Modernity

Mervyn F. Bendle
Part 5: Conclusion/Continuation
The Paradox of the Two Sociologies: Hobbes, Latour and the constitution of modern social theory

Robert van Krieken
Alexander and the Cultural Refounding of American Sociology

Fuyuki Kurasawa
'Agency' as a Red Herring in Social Theory

Steven Loyal and Barry Barnes
Beyond Reform: Agency after theory

John Schlueter
From Factors to Actors: Computational sociology and agent-based modeling

Michael W. Macey and Robert Willer
What is Agency?

Mustafa Emirbayer and Ann Mische

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