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Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment
A Family Systems Perspective

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May 1993 | 331 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Edith M. Freeman's Substance Abuse Treatment is long overdue and warmly welcomed. . . . The book offers a refreshing examination of both life cycle and multicultural aspects of substance abuse treatment, all cast within the family systems framework. . . . This book should go a long way in guiding social workers and other professionals who are increasingly dealing with substance abusing clients toward integrating family and family systems into their practice with this population." --Bradley Googins in Social Work in Health Care "Attention to diversity issues enriches the variety of family structures, functions, and forms that are considered. Each chapter also contains helpful case examples and specific recommendations for practitioners. A person-in-environment approach is consistently maintained, and a strengths perspective is endorsed--a helpful antidote to the usual addiction material that emphasizes individual deficits and sanctions in the medical model. . . . The book would be valuable as a text in a course on family interventions or as a supplementary text in courses on practice and addictions." --Rita Rhodes in Families in Society Edith M. Freeman's pioneering effort utilizes a family systems perspective as a framework for understanding, treating, and preventing substance abuse. Without minimizing the importance of the biological, social, or psychological theoretical explanations of substance abuse, Substance Abuse Treatment explores the myriad variables that are needed to provide a richer explanation of any phenomenon pertaining to substance abuse. Such topics as treating substance abuse across the life span, multicultural approaches, and co-dependency are discussed in detail. Each chapter includes a case study or vignette that highlights individual and family life cycle issues relevant to substance abuse treatment. Written by an outstanding blend of practitioners and educators, this thoughtful, challenging, scholarly but practical collection of articles is a major contribution to the substance abuse and family therapy fields. "Freeman has assembled an impressive array of contributors in a volume that contains theory, practice, and research in family systems approaches to substance abuse. . . . The book includes practical information, suing a person-in-environment focus that is applicable to research and practice. It is a valuable addition for all who work with substance abuse problems." --The American Journal of Family Therapy

Man Keung Ho
Edith M Freeman
Substance Abuse Treatment
Continuum of Care in Services to Families

Ruth G McRoy, Marian A Aguilar and Clayton T Shorkey
A Cross-Cultural Treatment Approach for Families With Young Children
Edith M Freeman
Developing Alternative Family Structures for Runaway, Drug-Addicted Adolescents
Jacob U Gordon
A Culturally Specific Approach to Ethnic Minority Young Adults
Clayton T Shorkey and Willa Rosen
Alcohol Addiction and Codependency
Marsha Read, Elizabeth C Penick and Elizabeth J Nickel
Treatment for Dually Diagnosed Clients
Robert Fahnestock
The Impact of Substance Abuse and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Stephanie Covington
Alcohol Addiction and Sexual Dysfunctioning
Brenda Crawley
Self-Medication and the Elderly
Edith M Freeman
Single System Research in Family-Focused Alcohol Treatment
Michael S Cunningham
Evaluating Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Programs
Edith M Freeman
The Family System Recovery Process: What Is Lasting Change?


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