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Supporting Mental Health in Primary and Early Years

Supporting Mental Health in Primary and Early Years
A Practice-Based Approach

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November 2019 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Emphasising not just mental health needs, but also the importance of creating a culture of inclusion for all pupils so that all pupils develop high self-esteem, emotional intelligence, social confidence and resilience, this book provides:

  • an introduction to key theories that relate to mental health;
  • an overview of the current context in relation to mental health in schools;
  • guidance on the identification of pupils with mental health needs;
  • evidence-based research on interventions to support pupils with mental health needs;
  • an assessment tool which will support teachers in identifying needs and planning subsequent interventions;
  • case studies of practice from a primary school and early years setting.

 Based on action research which has been implemented in a primary school, this important text is valuable reading for students on teacher training courses, and practising primary school teachers.

Chapter 1: Mental Health Awareness in Schools
Chapter 2: Mental Health Awareness in Schools: Adults
Chapter 3: Mental Health Awareness in Schools: Children
Chapter 4: The Assessment Tool
Chapter 5: Self-Esteem
Chapter 6: Emotional Intelligence
Chapter 7: Resilience
Chapter 8: Family and Wellbeing
Chapter 9: Social Confidence
Chapter 10: Mood and Behaviour
Chapter 11: Approaches to Mental Health and Wellbeing
Chapter 12: Conclusion

A hugely important area in education today especially due to the Global Pandemic, we all need to make sure we have the strategies to work with children who have challenges around their mental health, whatever their age. A fantastically helpful book from Glazzard and Trussler, authors in the field of education that you can trust.

Miss Sarah Addicott
Teacher Education & Training, Blackpool and the Fylde College
June 10, 2021

Great, pertinent links that help trainees place theory into contexts in their own placement.

Mr Chris Ives
School of Teacher Development, Bishop Grosseteste University
December 17, 2019

Contemporary issues covered with a holistic view for support

Mrs Emma Harvey
ECLIPS, Suffolk New College
July 24, 2020

really helpful for all sectors I use it on early years and also counselling courses very contemporary .

Ms Carol Lloyd
Childhood Studies, Chichester University
March 13, 2020

A clear and accessible text that offers a great insight into this topic. Practical as well as theoretical discussions are had

Dr charlotte jones
Centre for Lifelong Learning, Warwick University
June 11, 2020

Mental health is one category in the send code of practice and the one that is rarely used. This book provides key points for practice and supports students in developing their skills

Miss marie bradwell
Children and Young People, University of St Mark And St John
February 6, 2020

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 6 - Emotional Intelligence