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Teaching Primary Mathematics

Teaching Primary Mathematics

May 2013 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Teaching Primary Mathematics covers what student teachers really need to know and why, including approaches to teaching and learning, planning and assessment, and using resources in math teaching. It also provides a brief historical overview of the teaching of mathematics and examines strategies to enhance learning and develop as a confident mathematician in the primary classroom.

Informed by seminal and current research and in touch with current developments in education policy, the book also explores:

  • The role of the mathematics within the primary curriculum
  • The development of mathematics as a subject of study
  • Different international approaches to mathematics education, and the lessons that can be learnt from them.

This is essential reading for all students on primary initial teacher education courses including undergraduate, graduate, and employment-based routes into teaching.

Teachers as Mathematicians
The Nature and Language of Mathematics
What Do Children Really Need to Learn and Why?
What Should Teachers Know and Why?
Teaching Approaches
Assessment and Planning in Mathematics
Resources for Mathematics
What Can We Learn from Other Countries?
Researching Mathematics Education: A Case Study

A useful survey of core principles.

Mr Neil Rutledge
Education (Carlisle), University of Cumbria
December 16, 2012