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The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Client Workbook

The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Client Workbook

Fourth Edition

October 2021 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Patient Workbook is intended for patients on their journey to recovery in 12-step treatment programs. Designed to provide a venue for individuals to write down their thoughts and experiences as they progress through the 12 steps of treatment.

As a complement Chemical Dependency Counseling, this interactive book is used and purchased by treatment centers and individual substance abuse counselors. The workbook takes the patient (client) through the first five steps of recovery and offers space for the client to work on their own personal recovery plan. It also has a chapter on preventing relapse and honesty.

Chemical Use History
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step Five
Step Six
Step Seven
Step Eight
Step Nine
Step Ten
Step Eleven
Step Twelve
Stress Management
Relapse Prevention
Personal Recovery Plan
Appendix 1. Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Questionnaire
Appendix 2. Daily Craving Record
About the Author
Recovery Journal
Key features
  • Updated introduction with discussions on motivation, rating cravings and triggers and journal keeping
  • Discussions in Chemical Use History, including changing relationships with family members
  • Discussions in Honesty, including 5 ways you feel about yourself when you lie
  • Discussions in Relapse Prevention and 12-step facilitation, including What to do when you are tempted to drink or use drugs and Developing a social support system
  • Suggestions in the Personal Recovery Plan
  • Appendices: Daily Craving Record
  • Sections for each of the 12 steps include exercises to further guide recovery.
  • Updated photos and cartoons make the text more enjoyable.


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