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The Art of Video Production

The Art of Video Production

February 2007 | 564 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"The Art of Video Production, by Leonard Shyles, is a very thorough presentation of the techniques of professional television production, including electronic news-gathering, electronic film production and multicamer outside broadcast work."

"Len Shyles' The Art of Video Production is a comprehensive text with descriptions of all of the necessary organizational, aesthetic, and technical elements a student needs to progress from a beginning level to an advanced level in one course. This book presents an over-arching sensibility that links media production with the processes of communication, provides many practical examples, and adds 'industry voices' interviews that do a great job of telling about ways knowledge from the text may be applied in the real world. In short, Shyles's book is a clear and comprehensive text for a complete course in video production."
—Barbara Ruth Burke, University of Minnesota, Morris

"Shyles writes with a clarity and simplicity that is often missing in textbooks. He is able to take complicated concepts and break them down so that anyone can understand them. Shyles adeptly includes not only the 'ancient history' of early television production, but the new frontiers of HD and digital technology. The book also contains fascinating interviews with industry professionals, which students entering the workforce will find helpful. The Art of Video Production provides an excellent foundation for the video student, both technically and aesthetically."
—Rick Ricioppo, Illinois State University, School of Communication

The Art of Video Production is a veritable compendium of practical advice, insights, and tips for aspiring videographers. Deftly written, effectively organized..."

The Art of Video Production
emphasizes the enduring principles and essential skills of the communication process AND the new digital technologies that are necessary for creating effective video content (see PowerPoint presentation).

In this exciting, new book, author Len Shyles updates the latest developments in digital video production, while preserving the fundamentals. In a style that's clear, comprehensive, and brief, The Art of Video Production shows you how to make air-quality television programs—with emphasis on both content and production values—so that you can get your points across. This user-friendly text explains the methods for writing, producing, directing, and editing successful television programs.

The Art of Video Production also features six interviews with industry professionals (including network, freelance, and independent producers, directors, writers, and editors), offering practical advice for those planning careers in the field. These "Industry Voices" speak to the profound shift from analog to digital platforms, and offer invaluable insight about its impact.

In addition, The Art of Video Production features:

  • Strong emphasis on audience analysis concepts useful in all phases of the production process
  • In-depth coverage of the nature of the digital shift, and its impact on the convergence of media and telecommunications industries
  • Review questions, exercises, and professional pointers, designed to help you review and retain material

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A Note to Students and Teachers
1: The Video Production Process
2: Video As Communication
3: How Television Works
4: Light and Lenses
5: Lighting Equipment and Design
6: Using the Camera
7: Understanding Sound and Microphones
8: Audio Processing and Aesthetics
9: Graphic and Set Design
10: Video Processing
11: Field Production
12: Editing: Aesthetics and Techniques
13: Writing and Script Formats
14: Producing and Directing
15: Performing

"As a classroom text it will offer a through grounding in the principles and skills of video production, and as a library reference it teaches not only how to make superior television programs, but how to juxtapose content and values and how to understand what makes for a superior production."

Midwest Book Review

The Art of Video Production is a veritable compendium of practical advice, insights, and tips for aspiring videographers.  Deftly written, effectively organized..."


James A. Cox
Midwest Book Review

Was a great introductory video production text that covered all the phases of the production process (camera, lighting, sound and art) that was needed.

Mr Gregory Smith
Digital Media Program, Wayne County Community College - Eastern
July 5, 2010
Key features
  • Unique balance of concepts and skills gives students the tools to apply their knowledge to new settings, audiences, and equipment so that their education and training will not become obsolete as new technologies emerge.                                                                
  • Coverage of audience analysis helps students understand the essential elements of winning and holding an audience's attention in the face of the proliferation of program choices.
  • In-depth coverage of the transition from analog to digital platforms allows students become skilled and competitive producers of video content in the face of continued convergence of media and telecommunications industries.
  • Extensive pedagogy including bulleted overviews at the beginning of each chapter, key terms, end-of-chapter exercises, interviews with practitioners helps students review and retain material.

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