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The Drug Legalization Debate

The Drug Legalization Debate

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November 1990 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Billions of dollars are spent each year to arrest and prosecute our nation''s drug traffickers and users, yet drug-related crime has only continued to rise. Day after day, news broadcasts bring horrifying reports of continued use of illegal drugs, cities overwhelmed with crack-cocaine, inner-city violence, street wars waged by drug traffickers, street crime, and corruption in law enforcement and other branches of government. What is the answer? Is there an effective form of intervention that can be used to combat the war on drugs? Or, should we turn to other alternatives, such as drug legalization or mandatory death sentences for drug traffickers? In The Drug Legalization Debate, the contributors offer several alternatives and address the major issues involved in the drug legalization debate. This volume delves into the history of drug use and abuse in America, and the federal government''s approach to drug control--including deterrence, treatment, education, and prevention. Articles confront topics such as the decriminalization of marijuana, the risk of a "war on drugs," an enlightened legalization policy and discussion of the ethical and legal dilemmas at stake. Originally published as a special issue in American Behavioral Scientist, The Drug Legalization Debate includes many chapters that have been updated and revised, as well as some new articles written especially for this book. Both students and professionals in substance abuse, criminology, sociology, psychology, and social work will find this book essential reading. "For anyone--professional or lay--interested in the current debate, this is a quite useful volume. The articles are especially suited for students and the book would be a good source for classroom use." --Contemporary Sociology "The book is up-to-date; the earliest article is from 1988, while the remainder were written specifically for this book. And it is indeed readable; there is very little legal jargon. In short, I highly recommend The Drug Legalization Debate to anyone interested in the issues surrounding the legalization of drugs." --Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment

James A Inciardi
American Drug Policy and the Legalization Debate
Ethan A Nadelmann
The Case for Legalization
James A Inciardi and Duane C McBride
The Case
Richard B Karel
A Model Legalization Proposal
Steven Wisotsky
Beyond the War on Drugs
Karst J Besteman
War is Not the Answer
Marsha Rosenbaum and Rick Doblin
Why MDMA Should Not Have Been Made Illegal
Douglas McVay
Marijuana Legalization
The Time is Now

Steven Jonas
The Us Drug Problem and the US Drug Culture
A Public Health Solution

John Jay Rouse and Bruce D Johnson
Hidden Paradigms of Morality in Debates About Drugs
Historical and Policy Shifts in British and American Drug Policies


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