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The Engaged Sociologist

The Engaged Sociologist
Connecting the Classroom to the Community

Sixth Edition

August 2019 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Preface: A Note From the Authors to the Students Reading This Book
Chapter 1. The Engaged Sociologist: The Sociological Perspective and the Connections Among Sociology, Democracy, and Civic Engagement
Chapter 2. Founders and Foundations of Sociology: Theory
Chapter 3. How Do We Know What We Think We Know? Sociological Methods
Chapter 4. Creating Civic Engagement Versus Creating Apathy: Culture
Chapter 5. Learning How to Act in Society: Socialization
Chapter 6. Deviant Behavior and Social Movements
Chapter 7. Big Money Doesn’t Always Win: Stratification and Social Class
Chapter 8. What Does a “Typical American” Look Like Today? Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 9. Sex, Gender, and Power
Chapter 10. Social Institutions: Family and Economy
Chapter 11. Social Institutions, Continued: Education, Government, and Religion
Chapter 12. The Engaged Sociologist in Action
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