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The Experience of Culture

The Experience of Culture

October 2001 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Over the last 20 years culture has become a key concept in intellectual disciplines across the social sciences and humanities. However, it is a notoriously difficult concept to pin down, having very different meanings in different contexts. This book seeks to chart a route through the maze, revealing the variety of meanings of culture. It demonstrates that culture is not something that emerges from human activity, but rather is part and parcel of it.

This book looks at how culture emerges and manifests itself in human life, and how it is experienced in the life of individuals and collectivities. It also explores the ways in which globalizing processes and changes in technology are affecting cultural identity, and whether we are seeing a fundamental change in the ways in which culture is formed and experienced.

The Manifestation of Culture in Human Life
Entering Culture
The Differentiation of Cultures
Culture as Communication
Experience of the Senses
Culture and the Natural World
The Place of Reason in Culture
Transformatory Processes of Culture
Knowledge and Freedom

Culture and the Status of Reality
The Technologisation of Culture

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ISBN: 9780761966500

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