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The Joy of Coaching

The Joy of Coaching
Characteristics of Effective Instructional Coaches

Foreword by Jim Knight

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August 2020 | 320 pages | Corwin

The secrets of coaching excellence are already inside you

Successful coaching has long been seen as a mental exercise—in order to do right by the teachers you serve, you put theory into practice, establish orderly processes, analyze data effectively, and implement externally mandated reforms. The truth, though, is that truly great coaches derive their success not just from what they do, but also from who they are.

This groundbreaking book, based on research from an innovative mixed-methods study, provides a holistic approach to coaching that honors both mind and heart. As you explore the most important characteristics of the best instructional coaches—caring, authenticity, trustworthiness, flexibility, and more—you’ll develop and hone those same characteristics in yourself. Features include:


·         A framework and structure for developing the characteristics of effective instructional coaches

·         Comprehensive analysis of each characteristic

·         Examples and stories of effective coaching in action

·         Activities, exercises, and action points

·         Resources for encouragement and renewal


School coaches have the power to make a real difference in the lives and futures of teachers and students. By balancing your outward competencies with the inspirational application of your own inward growth, you’ll bring new joy—and success—into your coaching relationships.


Foreword by Jim Knight
About the Author
Introduction and Overview
Chapter 1: Collaborative
Chapter 2: Caring
Chapter 3: Competent
Chapter 4: Authentic
Chapter 5: Quality Communicator
Chapter 6: Inspirational
Chapter 7: Flexible
Chapter 8: Trustworthy
Chapter 9: Planned
Chapter 10: Models
Appendix A: Competent Cliff Notes
Appendix B: TCT Coaching Program Research Summary


"The Joy of Coaching brings 'the basic elements of humanness' to the forefront of education."

Shelly Kelly
Curriculum and Instructional Coach, Great Falls Public Schools, MT

"Instructional coaching is becoming a much more common professional learning structure for supporting teachers, but it is still a new enough endeavor that there is a lack of knowledge, experience, and expertise on which to draw. Frazier, in particular, addresses the 'softer.' but equally important, side of coaching competency. This is a worthwhile read for instructional coaches or principals or other administrators who might support instructional coaches."

Kendra Hanzlik
Instructional Coach, College Community School District, IA

"Most books on coaching are focused more on the skills, strategies, methodology and concepts. The Joy of Coaching is a refreshing way to look at coaching with joy and “humanness”. It takes us from our current state and level of high stakes testing to a level that motivates, inspires, and instills the mindset that learning can and should be joyful and based on care and respect of the individuals."

Laura Linde
Educator, District 77

"With the focus on Common Core so many educators/coaches forget about the little things- relationships, interpersonal relationships and that sometimes even providing food during workshops is a benefit to make people cared for and nurtured and most especially, appreciated. The Joy of Coaching is an important part of who a coach is. If you don’t embody these qualities, this book will guide you on how to begin adopting them and see how they can impact one’s practice, teacher quality, and student achievement."

Brian E. Fernandes
Reading Specialist, Hampden Meadows School, RI

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