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The Nurse's Clinical Skills Pocketbook

The Nurse's Clinical Skills Pocketbook

Third Edition
Edited by:

March 2022 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This pocket-sized book is an ideal reference for nursing students. It puts the facts at your fingertips, giving you immediate access to 50 different clinical procedures.

  • Handy checklists covering the things to consider before starting the procedure
  • Clear instructions guide you step-by-step through the skill
  • All fields of practice included to ensure your care is person-centred

Whether revising for an OSCE, preparing for a new clinical placement or looking for a clear description of how to perform a certain task, this book will become a trusted companion and daily reference as your practice experience steadily grows.

Common Abbreviations - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Useful Prefixes and Suffixes - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Infection and Prevention Control - Rose Gallagher

Using hand sanitiser

When to remove your gloves and why

Clinical Measurement - Caroline Dobson and Trevor Simpson
Fundamental steps for all clinical measurements


Pulse/heart rate

Manual blood pressure

Measuring body temperature

Pain Assessment - Ann Kettyle
Undertaking a pain assessment

Aseptic Technique and Specimen Collection - Rose Gallagher
Principles of asepsis

Common steps for the collection of all types of specimen

Taking a wound swab

Collecting a faeces specimen

Collecting a urine specimen

Collecting a sputum sample

Taking a throat swab

Skin Integrity - Alexandra Carlin
Principles of wound care

Removal of clips/sutures

Safe Movement of People - Michelle O’Reilly and David Best
Movement guidelines

Emergency Care - Sara Morgan

Head tilt chin lift

Jaw thrust

Using an oropharyngeal airway

Recovery position

Paediatric life support

Dislodging an obstruction to the airway

Medicines Administration - Carol Hall, updated by Christina Roulston
Administering medication (oral or topical route)

Administering a subcutaneous injection

Administering an intramuscular injection

Recording administration and outcome

Assisting People with their Nutritional Need - Kate Goodhand and Jane Ewen
Nutrition-related skills

Weighing a patient

Assisting a patient to eat and drink

Passing a nasogastric tube

Maintaining a nasogastric tube

Removing a nasogastric tube

Caring for a PEG (pertcutaneous endoscopic gastronomy)

Stoma care

Peripheral vascular cannula care

Assisting People with their Elimination Needs - Mairead Collie, David J. Hunter and Valerie Foley
Common steps for all elimination-related skills

Assessing bowel function

Assisting a patient to use a bedpan, urinal or commode

Performing catheter care

Emptying a patient’s catheter bag


Assisting Patients with their Hygiene Needs - Catherine Delves-Yates
Common steps for all hygiene procedures

Bathing a person in bed

Assisting a patient with a wash (out of bed)



Trimming nails

Washing a patient’s hair in bed

Care after Death - Maria Parry
Care after death

Appendix 1: Commonly Used Medication and Side Effects - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Appendix 2: Normal Laboratory Values - Wendy Wright and Fiona Everett
Appendix 3: Hand-washing technique

This book contains all useful information for the practical elements of our course. I am personally impressed by the detail of the skills.

Miss Beccy Smith
H&SC, New College Swindon
June 20, 2022

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