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The Psychology Student’s Guide to Study and Employability

The Psychology Student’s Guide to Study and Employability

First Edition
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August 2022 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

How does a Psychology degree work? Where will it lead me? What skills are employers looking for?

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate degree subjects in the UK, which is no surprise given the wide range of transferrable skills it offers. But how to translate these skills into job opportunities? And which career paths to explore? If you are considering studying psychology, or you are already a psychology student looking at your next steps, this book is for you.

Written by leading academics, this handy guide interweaves both study skills and employability skills, providing advice across all three years of your course and talking you through the different options open to you after graduation. From writing essays to revising for exams, and from careers in and outside of professional psychology to further academic study, this book covers everything a psychology student needs to know – even how to make the most of your social life!

Graham Davey is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex.

Gill Brown
Chapter 1: What is a Psychology Degree?
Gill Brown
Chapter 2: Settling in to Life at University
Amanda Branson, Tom Randell, Emma McDonald
Chapter 3: Learning to Study at University
Wendy Garnham, Emma McDonald, Amanda Branson, Tom Ormerod, Alan Garnham
Chapter 4: Assessment at University: Developing Your Learning Skills
Amanda Branson
Employability Skills: What Are Employers Looking For?
Amanda Branson
Chapter 6: Careers in Professional Psychology
Saffron Passam
Chapter 7: Careers Outside of Professional Psychology
Katie Lightfoot
Chapter 8: Further Study in Academia
Katie Lightfoot
Chapter 9: Improve Your Life with Your Knowledge of Psychology


Watch the Webinar
Paul Dickerson, Emma McDonald and Christian van Nieuwerburgh discuss study skills, wellbeing and employability and explore how university lecturers and student welfare teams can better support Psychology students through their university journey.

It is a very useful book for students, from settling into university, success at university and employment beyond university.
It will be recommended for the library and on reading lists for a number of modules.

Dr Georgia Butler
Dept of Psychology, Kingston University
October 31, 2022

Clear and easy to understand a lovely little book

Mrs Rebecca Clare Ovenden
Wiltshire College, Wiltshire College
October 7, 2022

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