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The Ten-Minute Principal

The Ten-Minute Principal
Free Up Your Time to Focus on Leadership

First Edition
  • Evan Robb - Principal, Johnson-Williams Middle School; Berryville, VA
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May 2019 | 176 pages | Corwin

Rebuilding your day--How ten minutes can make the difference between ordinary and fantastic leadership

A principal’s enthusiastic vision is often thwarted by daily demands. There never seems time for carefully laid plans. But what if you made the most of ten-minute blocks scattered through your day? Could you make progress? 

This book says Yes! and will help you improve, but not overwhelm yourself or staff. It will show you how to intentionally use ten-minute opportunities to consider, kickstart, and execute your vision. Based on six pillars of school leadership, vision, relationships, trust, efficacy, student-centeredness, and instructional knowledge each chapter will:

  • Introduce a leadership topic
  • Offer a ten minute opportunity to consider where you are and what you might change
  • Give a ten minute tip on how to get started, as well as overcome challenges
  • Provide ten minute collaborative opportunities to gain buy-in and participation

Discover how to build the foundations of effective leadership and be a school [helping teachers and students grow and improve] despite daily demands. Make the most of chunks of time to refine your craft and become a reflective and intentional leader.


The Challenge Ahead

The Journey Begins

Features of the Book

A Quick Chapter Overview

Chapter 1: The Six Pillars of School Leadership




A Student-Centered Environment

Instructional Knowledge

10-Minute Reflections on Opportunities for Change

Chapter 2: The Principal, Communication, and School Culture
Email: I Need Some Strategies

Build Your School’s Brand

Social Media Tips

Customer Service and Building a School’s Brand

Professionalism: Modeling Expectations, Culture and Communication

10-Minute Reflections on Opportunities for Change

Chapter 3: Efficient and Purposeful Meetings
Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

Build Commitment in Your School Community

Administrative and Teacher Relationships

Disrupting Routines

Expectations and Specific Praise

Tell Your Story

10-Minute Reflections on Opportunities for Change

Chapter 4: Relationship Building
Focus Initiatives on Teaching and Learning

Creating Effective Agendas and Effective Meetings

Teaching-Centered Faculty Meetings

Meetings With Administrative Staff

Team and Department Meetings

Post-Observation Meetings

Mentoring Sessions

Student Meetings

Parent Meetings

10-Minute Reflections on Opportunities for Change

Chapter 5: Fostering Creativity
Mindset and Creativity

Creativity and Growth Mindset: You Can Make It Happen!

Think Creatively About Professional Learning

Get Creative with Google Docs: Professional Article Studies

Encourage and Celebrate Innovative Instructional Practices

School Libraries: Designing Creative, Dynamic Spaces

Create Student Centered Fluid Classrooms

10-Minute Reflections on Opportunities for Change

Chapter 6: Choose Your Path
Moving Forward

Find Your Path

New to Administration

Experienced Administrators

Give Yourself the Gift of Time



Key features

Each chapter opens with the big picture of leadership in a school relating to the chapter’s topic through a personal example and story. In order for there to be a strong foundation in place so a person can be an effective school leader, he or she needs to reflect on the pillars of school leadership. Each one of these pillars needs to be understood for a person to be able to lead a school and for the ideas in this book to work. This part will reference research relating to the six pillars of school leadership:

1.      Vision

2.      Relationships

3.      Trust

4.      Efficacy

5.      Student-Centered

6.      Instructional Knowledge

Chapter sections will follow this structure:

  • The Topic: in heading
  • Ten-Minute Opportunity
  • Ten-Minute Tip
  • Ten-Minute Collaborative Opportunities
  • Principal’s Perspective: Each chapter will have a section where another experienced principal shares his or her insight on the topic and how they have found success.

The book also includes vignettes, case studies, questions to reflect on, infographics, and checklists.

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