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The Textbook of Health and Social Care

The Textbook of Health and Social Care

March 2020 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A comprehensive textbook designed to guide students through the entirety of a Health and Social Care BSc degree. Covering the important topics and pressing issues relevant to Health and Social Care today.

The book’s three part structure starts with the essential areas and core knowledge, including the sociology and psychology of illness, the research process, key legal and ethical issues and reflective practice. The second part covers aspects of health and social care in practice, like health promotion, safeguarding children and their rights, and working with people experiencing mental health disorders. Finally, the third part considers some of the challenges faced in present day health and social care, looking at social justice issues, legal and ethical considerations, leadership, and health inequalities.

All content is supported by practical and reflective features to help students throughout their degree, these include: interactive activities, real life case studies and examples related to chapter content, links and suggestions for further reading, and answers to key activities and case study exercises.

The perfect companion text for anyone studying a Health and Social Care degree, or any other course related to the health and social care services.

Ashley Frawley
Chapter 1: Sociology and Health and Illness
Darren J. Edwards
Chapter 2: Psychology and Health and Illness
Pete Hanratty and Ben Martin
Chapter 3: Academic Skills and Practice
Pete King
Chapter 4: The Research Process in Health and Social Care
Angela Smith and Julia Parkhouse
Chapter 5: The Law Relating to Health and Social Care: Introduction to Key Principles
Angela Smith & Julia Parkhouse
Chapter 6: The Law Relating to Health and Social Care: Further Key Principles
Sally Riggall
Chapter 7: Reflective Practice and Critical Thinking
John Knight
Chapter 8: Physiological Effects of Ageing in the Older Adult
Charlotte Chisnell and Caroline Kelly
Chapter 9: Safeguarding Children and Adults
Pete King
Chapter 10: Childcare in the UK
Michelle Anderson and Llewellyn Morgan
Chapter 11: Health Promotion and Health Psychology
Tracey Maegusuku-Hewett and Pete King
Chapter 12: Children’s Rights and Participation
Keith Bradley-Adams
Chapter 13: Working with Persons Experiencing Mental Disorder: Mental Health Conditions
Keith Bradley-Adams
Chapter 14: Determinants of Poor Mental Health and the Road to Recovery
Hazel M. Chapman
Chapter 15: Using and Developing Evidence in Health and Social Care Practice
Stephanie Best
Chapter 16: Leadership and Management
Hugh Upton and Angela Smith
Chapter 17: Legal and Ethical Considerations in Health and Social Care
Sue Bond-Taylor and Ceryl Davies
Chapter 18: Equity, Intersectionality and Anti-Oppressive Practice
Gideon Calder
Chapter 19: Social Justice Issues in Health and Social Care
Andrew Dunning
Chapter 20: Disability Policy and provision in health and social care
Lance Benny Goodman
Chapter 21: Health Inequalities

Offers complete coverage of all the elements of a Health and Social Care programme and more. It is a comprehensive guide that is both informative and interesting; recommended for students and practitioners in the ever-changing field of Health and Social Care.

Julie Burton
Programme Leader in the School of Health and Social Care, University of Lincoln

This is a comprehensive, insightful and timely textbook that offers health and social care students and professionals an accessible approach to theory, legislation, and practice.   

Dr Yolanda Eraso
Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care, London Metropolitan University

Combining a multi-disciplinary approach to health and social care, this text book will help students link theory with practice in a highly effective way. Providing insights into the diversity of health and social care, alongside broader social influences upon health and wellbeing.

Dr Joanne Smith
Associate Teaching Professor, University of Bolton

This book gives a great introduction to the many aspects of health and social care that students will want to be aware of and up to date with.

Clare Bellamy
Senior Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University

Whilst studying for my nursing degree, this book has provided me with a wealth of knowledge. In particular, around the different socio-economic impacts and determinants of health in relation to patient wellbeing. This information has proved vital in helping me structure my field-specific nursing assignments relating to public health, as well as also providing me with a plan of how to structure any research-based assignments/arguments.
I particularly enjoyed the activities throughout the book as they made me question things that I don’t usually think about, such as theories in psychology. The activities also provided me with some much-needed time to think about more generic subjects, such as the ‘world we live in’. It provided me with the opportunity to think outside the box.  Overall, a very enjoyable read.

Felicity Daly
2nd Year Student, BN (Hons) Adult Nursing, University of Chester

As a student who has dyslexia, I found this book to be particularly helpful in developing my academic skills. As a result of reading the textbook, the overall structure and clarity of my assignments improved. The book is comprehensive and covers many aspects of health and social care that students will find beneficial for their studies. The interactive text and case studies enabled me to link theory to practice and the activities throughout made for an enjoyable and valuable read. I would highly recommend this textbook to students, at any stage of their studies, to support them throughout their degree. I wish I had this book sooner!

Eloise Clarke
3rd Year Student, BN (Hons) Adult Nursing, University of Chester

What a fabulous publication! Very comprehensive and informative. The authors efficiently combined the most recent findings with a historical perspective highlighting the healthcare system's changeable nature, its origins and consequences for all stakeholders. Each chapter, written by an expert in a field, covers important for nurses and healthcare delivery issues ending with extending the topic reading list relevant for furthering the knowledge. As a third-year nursing student, I have found this book very helpful. It provided interesting discourse for all my assignments and enhanced my understanding of the healthcare system's multifaceted nature. It is written in a sophisticated but accessible manner, even for a reader whose English is not a dominant language - a pleasure to read. 

Barbara Jardine
3rd Year Student, BN (Hons) Adult Nursing, University of Chester

I have really enjoyed reading this book and found it to include lots of helpful information for my learners

Mr Luke Jeffery
Health, St Vincent College
January 26, 2024

A great all rounder text covers some fantastic subject specific content. Very readable, engaging text. Have adopted this as a core text for degree in health and social care.

Amanda Lee
Health, Global Banking School
February 18, 2022

A great book, clearly set out and written. students, like the format and content of the book. I recommend as good overall text for the course

Mrs Claire Cockerill
Community Health & Midwifery, University of Central Lancashire
July 29, 2022

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