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Transforming Social Work Practice Series

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The Transforming Social Work Practice series consists of essential guides, written by subject experts, introducing key social work theories and approaches to students.

Since launching in 2003, it has become the market-leading series for social work students. Each book is:

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pink star icon Affordable

pink star icon Written to the Professional Capabilities Framework

pink star icon Mapped to the Social Work curriculum

pink star icon Practical with clear links between theory and practice

The books in this series are full of activities and case studies to help students hone their critical thinking and reflection skills and develop good practice through learning.


grey quote markI find the series really helpful as a student social worker. The books are easy to read and cover many topics, along with case studies which put sometimes abstract concepts into examples that we may be likely to encounter in our practice. 

- Ayla, MA Social Work Student, Bournemouth University


grey quote markI learnt to critically reflect on social work in my student days using the Transforming Social Work Practice books. Clearly written and relevant, packed with activities and case studies, and equally suited to classroom use or self-study, I predict students will constantly dip into it for assignments.

- Magnus Frampton, Lecturer in Social Work, University of Vechta, Germany