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Under-Studied Relationships

Under-Studied Relationships
Off the Beaten Track

Edited by:
  • Julia T. Wood - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
  • Steve Duck - The University of Iowa, USA, Rhetoric Dept, USA, University of Iowa, USA

April 1995 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Long-distance relationships, nonmarital cohabitation, and personal relationships over computer networks--all are examples of relationships that are growing in number but that, to date, have not been adequately researched. In Under-Studied Relationships, a talented team of contributors rectifies existing scholarship's tendency to ignore the diverse and emergent forms of relationships that are increasingly evident in modern society. Contributors to this impressive volume examine such largely overlooked issues as long-lasting marriages, cultural minority relationships, gay/lesbian relationships, friendships at work, nonmarital cohabitation, long-distance relationships, and personal relationships over computer networks. With the dawning of commuter marriages, electronically mediated friendships, and "microwave relationships," this volume cultivates an appreciation of the pluralistic characteristics of relationship life and encourages the expansion of research efforts in this field. Under-Studied Relationships serves as an ideal resource for scholars and students in social psychology, family studies, gender studies, interpersonal communication, clinical and counseling psychology, and sociology.

Julia T Wood and Steve Duck
Off the Beaten Track
New Shores for Relationship Research

Fran C Dickson
The Best Is Yet to Be
Research on Long-Lasting Marriages

Stanley O Gaines Jr
Relationships between Members of Cultural Minorities
Michelle Huston and Pepper Schwartz
The Relationships of Lesbians and of Gay Men
Theodore E Zorn
Bosses and Buddies
Constructing and Performing Simultaneously Hierarchical and Close Friendship Relationships

John D Cunningham and John K Antill
Current Trends in Nonmarital Cohabitation
In Search of the POSSLQ

Mary E Rohlfing
`Doesn't Anybody Stay in One Place Anymore?'
An Exploration of the Phenomenon of Long-Distance Relationships

Martin Lea and Russell Spears
Love at First Byte
Building Personal Relationships over Computer Networks


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ISBN: 9780803956513