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Your Research Project

Your Research Project
Designing, Planning, and Getting Started

Fourth Edition

December 2019 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

With a calming, reassuring tone, Nicholas Walliman gives you the ability and confidence to plan, design, and prepare for your research project.  The new edition of this bestselling book will help you:

- Explain research theory within the context of your own project  

- Curate, structure, and format your literature review

- Anticipate the challenges of social media and web-based research

- Apply ‘how to’ tips quickly to your own research planning and design

- Monitor your progress in the field with checklists

- Develop writing habits to use as a springboard for dissertations, reports, and articles

- Build a foundation of practical, general research skills like time management, organization, and critical thinking to carry you beyond your project.  

New to the 4th Edition:

- New step-by-step chapter on how to write a successful research proposal 

- New chapter 'Writing Strategies' offers guidelines for different assignments to help carry students beyond their research proposal

- More ‘How To’ examples of literature reviews, proposals and ethics applications

- Expanded coverage of literature review strategies - more emphasis on accessing on-line resources and use of the internet

- Enhanced checklists of issues for consideration or tasks students should undertake in order to progress their work

- More information surrounding online and social media research and implications on information sourcing, ethics, and methods 

- Increased coverage of the research methods section to include more practical support and additional information on mixed-methods 

- Further stresses the importance of avoiding plagiarism with an expanded section on this topic.


Particular Features of the Book
Structure and Outline of the Book
Chapter 1 Types of Research and the Research Problem: Beginning Your Project
Chapter 2 Research Theory and the Nature of Knowledge: Understanding Philosophies and Approaches
Chapter 3 Using Language and Understanding Arguments
Chapter 4 Finding, Organising and Retrieving Information
Chapter 5 Doing Your Literature Review, Forming Original Ideas and Defining Your Research Topic
Chapter 6 Honesty and Research Ethics: Establishing an Ethical Code
Chapter 7 Research Methods: Choosing the Best Methods for Your Project
Chapter 8 The Research Proposal: Planning and Structuring Your Ideas
Chapter 9 Writing Strategies: Getting Started and Maintaining Momentum Throughout Your Project

It continues to provide a clear overview of the research process.

Dr Liam Foster
Department of Sociological Studies, Sheffield University
February 2, 2020

a well written and readable text which will appeal to students from many disciplines.

Mr Ian Andrew
Business School, Oxford Brookes University
November 11, 2019

Didn't think it worked with what the students are expected to do on the course. However, have suggested it to colleagues on other course where it may be more applicable.

Mr Dave Jones
Sch of Education & Lifelong Learning, University of East Anglia
November 11, 2019

A clear, straightforward guide for undergraduates embarking on their first research project

Mrs Fiona Corby
Education Department, Teesside University
November 11, 2019

recommended to my dissertation students

Mrs Lindsey Nicholls
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Chester University
November 6, 2019

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