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Your Science Classroom

Your Science Classroom
Becoming an Elementary / Middle School Science Teacher

Ignite student learning and teacher enthusiasm in the science inquiry classroom

Science Methods

January 2012 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Designed around a practical "practice-what-you-teach" approach to methods instruction, Your Science Classroom: Becoming an Elementary / Middle School Science Teacher is based on current constructivist philosophy, organized around 5E inquiry, and guided by the National Science Education Teaching Standards. Written in a reader-friendly style, the book prepares instructors to teach science in ways that foster positive attitudes, engagement, and meaningful science learning for themselves and their students.


NSES Teaching Standards
Part I The Nature of Science
1. I Know What Science Is! It's an Experiment
2. Are you Scientifically Literate? Why We Teach Science
Part II The Nature of the Learner
3. Children's Construction of Science
4. Children's Alternative Frameworks and Conceptual Change
Part III The Nature of Science Teaching
5. Classroom Teaching Practices: Questioning and Inquiry
6. Inquiry Teaching Approaches and Science Process Skills
7. Inquiry Lesson Planning: 5E Instruction Model
8. Assessment or Evaluation: A Guide for Science Instruction
Part IV The Nature of Diversity in Science Teaching and Learning
9. Learning Styles and Diverse Learners
10. Addressing Student Diversity: Science for All
11. Interdisciplinary Connections: Science Across the Curriculum
Appendix A How Do I Write an Instructional Objective?
Appendix B Safety in Your Science Classroom
Appendix C Science Inquiry Learning Centers

Great resource for SPED teachers

Dr David Hampton
Special Education, Bowling Green State University
February 14, 2013
Key features


  • The 5E Inquiry Model Format comprises the Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate stages. The book immerses students into the model's approach by providing repeated visual examples in each chapter of the 5E lesson plan model, as well as activities that can be easily used.
  • The Teacher's Desk Tip feature highlights a variety of practical and relevant teaching issues involved with planning, science materials, special needs, and diversity information.
  • Your Science Classroom draws on the voices of practicing teachers to highlight current and contemporary issues that face elementary and middle school-level instructors face when teaching science.
  • Tech Connect highlights examples and ideas for integrating technology in the K-8 science classroom.
  • My Bulletin Board representations focus on key aspects of pedagogical approaches, theoretical content, definitions, research findings, and examples associated with essential chapter concepts.
  • Teacher Time Out: Coffee Cup Humor includes cartoons related to the chapter's topics or issues.

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