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Examining civil wars from 1816 to today, CQ Press launches A Guide to Intra-state Wars

While the practice of war has been a feature of humankind for millennia, very few understand the phenomenon through systematic analysis, especially when it comes to organized warfare within states. Launching today, A Guide to Intra-state Wars: An Examination of Civil, Regional, and Intercommunal Wars, 1816–2014 uses data to illustrate how civil war is defined, as well as how the number, severity, location, and participation in intra-state warfare have changed through nearly 300 civil wars.

Naughty or nice? Is the way we ‘perform’ Santa Claus under threat?

London, UK. Santa Claus performers struggle with fulfilling the role of old St Nic due to an acute awareness of the sensitivities around interactions with children, finds a study published by SAGE, in partnership with The Tavistock Institute, in the journal Human Relations.

As the author of the study, “Recognition and the moral taint of sexuality: Threat, masculinity and Santa Claus”, Philp Hancock of the University of Essex explains:

How to spot fake news and avoid bias – your guide to better (Critical) Thinking

London, UK. How can we make the most of the resources at our fingertips while retaining a sense of control and understanding? How, moreover, can we make the most of the human capacity for reasoning and creativity in an age where technologies like big data and artificial intelligence (AI) are encroaching on areas of expertise?

William Julius Wilson to Receive 2017 SAGE-CASBS Award

One of the nation’s most accomplished scholars of race, inequality, and poverty will deliver a public award lecture in June at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences.

SAGE Publishing and the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University are pleased to announce that William Julius Wilson is the 2017 recipient of the SAGE-CASBS Award.

From invasions and civil wars to revolutions and revolts

Explore a rich period of Middle Eastern history through complete runs of British Government Foreign Office Files

Marlborough, UK. Formerly classified documents on the Middle East from the British Government’s Foreign Office have been published in Foreign Office Files for the Middle East, 1971-1981 – an online teaching and research collection from award-winning publisher, Adam Matthew.

SAGE announces new editors for its longest-held journal Urban Affairs Review

Los Angeles, CA - Jered Carr of University of Missouri, Kansas City, Peter Burns of Loyola University of New Orleans, Annette Steinacker of Loyola University of Chicago, and Antonio Tavares of University of Minho, Portugal have been appointed as the new Editors-in-Chief of Urban Affairs Review (UAR). Originally Urban Affairs Quarterly, UAR is SAGE’s first publication and will publish its 50th volume in January of 2014.

Living in mixed communities makes ethnic minorities feel British

People from minorities are more likely to feel part of Britain when their neighbours are from different ethnic backgrounds, research published in the journal Sociology, says.

In the most comprehensive study of community cohesion yet carried out, Dr Neli Demireva, of the University of Essex, and Professor Anthony Heath, of the University of Oxford, analysed data from two surveys on 4,391 British people, 3,582 of them from ethnic minorities.