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iGen: Decoding the Learning Code of Generation Z

image of a group of Gen Z students

  • Speaker: Regina Durante, Ph.D.
  • Date: April 2024

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The first Generation Z students have arrived, and with them come a host of unique challenges that stretch our well-used and applied pedagogical strategies. These digital natives are more independent-minded than collaborative team players.  Join one of our Sage Faculty Partners, to glean fresh insights into what makes Gen Z so different, creative, and unique from students you have taught in the past and learn some strategies for reaching these students in your classroom. 

Demystifying Comparative Politics: Getting Your Students to Love Politics

headshot of Sage author and Political Science Professor Lisa Baglione, Ph.D.

  • Speaker: Lisa Baglione, Ph.D.
  • Date: April 2024

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Join Sage author and Political Science Professor Lisa Baglione, Ph.D. as she shares effective teaching methods to make comparative politics relatable and accessible to all students, regardless of background or prior knowledge. Dr. Baglione also discusses ways to foster inclusion in the classroom, encourage critical thinking skills, and cultivate a love for learning about global politics and diverse perspectives.