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SAGE Book Content Open Access Archiving Policy

The table below summarises the open access archiving policy for book content published by SAGE.

The policy outlined below has been developed to enable authors of SAGE books and Institutional Repository Managers to easily identify what book content can be archived under what terms. For the archiving of content outlined below in open access archives, no additional, specific permission to archive is required.

The guidelines are intended to assist authors (and Repository Managers) to satisfy any open access archiving requirements imposed upon them by funding agencies or employing institutions.  SAGE has developed them to make compliance easier when it is required.  Any decision to deposit (or to allow an institution to deposit on their behalf) is left entirely to the authors’ discretion.

Type of Content Version of Content
that may be archived
Embargo Period Amount that
can be archived
Where it
can be archived
Handbooks within the reference category on the SAGE website Final submitted manuscript (prior to any copy editing by SAGE) 24 months from publication Each contributor may archive up to one chapter per volume (provided they are the author or a co-author of such chapter). Linking, collection or aggregation of chapters from the same volume is strictly prohibited. If different authors are based at the same institution we request that they agree on the one chapter to post. Institutional or funding body repositories
SAGE Swifts Final submitted manuscript (prior to any copy editing by SAGE) 24 months from publication One chapter per work Institutional or funding body repositories
All other books including textbooks (note: subject to individual contract or contributor agreement) None n/a Other texts and textbooks are not included in SAGE's archiving policy; please contact SAGE directly with any queries n/a